WIP — Pierced Copper Ring

Progress has been made on the ring.

A flat piece of cop­per was ham­mered and then cut into a circle.
That cir­cle was dapped into a dome shape.
The the tree bit was sol­dered onto the domed bit, mak­ing a hol­low ornament
A chunk of 12 gauge half round ster­ling wire was made into a ring band.
The top was then sodlered to the ring band and… voila …

the front of the ring
the front of the ring
ring face soldered onto the ring band
ring face sol­dered onto the ring band
ring from the side
ring from the side

I hap­pen to be pret­ty dang proud of my first “real” sol­der­ing project.

Next up the fin­ish­ing. In the end the top of the ring will be black and the band will be satin fin­ished silver.

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