Birdfeeder Design and a Good Use of Website Animation

I’m a fan of bird­feed­ers and clever prod­uct design. The Archi­tec­t’s Bird­feed­er, designed by Doug Patt Pratt, is good look­ing and an intrigu­ing engi­neer­ing solu­tion. The key fea­ture — it ships like flat-pack fur­ni­ture but bet­ter because it goes togeth­er with­out that nasty cheap lit­tle hex wrench thing. The ani­ma­tion of the assem­bly of the bird­feed­er on […]

Trivia I Need

ColourLovers post­ed a list of all 120 Cray­ola cray­on col­ors and their (approx­i­mate) hex and RGB codes. The list was com­plied by Aaron at Col​orSchemer​.com. I am now going to waste sev­er­al hours cre­at­ing a cus­tom Pho­to­shop palette of these col­ors. Sigh. BTW When did the Cray­ola site change so much? I remem­ber it as […]

Garden Report

We’re build­ing a lot of stone walls this year. When we first had the lawns and beds installed we did­n’t have the time and mon­ey to build the bed walls that we want­ed so we used the black plas­tic edg­ing to keep the grass out of the beds (sort of) This year we’re replac­ing the […]

Clever Packaging

On my way back to my inter­rupt­ed vaca­tion in Oax­a­ca I had the chance to upgrade my DFW to MEX flight to busi­ness class. I *love* busi­ness class. The only thing bet­ter than the leg room is the refuge from the “cheap as we can make it” ethos of coach. Includ­ing this love­ly lit­tle bit […]


so the oth­er day as i was look­ing through some of the thou­sands of fold­ers of pho­tos we have i found this one. oth­er than the catchy rhyme it’s a lousy sign. i just want to know who they (the peo­ple who designed the sign) think is going to under­stand that this is where you should go […]

WIP — Pierced Copper Ring

Progress has been made on the ring. A flat piece of cop­per was ham­mered and then cut into a cir­cle. That cir­cle was dapped into a dome shape. The the tree bit was sol­dered onto the domed bit, mak­ing a hol­low orna­ment A chunk of 12 gauge half round ster­ling wire was made into a ring band. The […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 23

From Minot, ND to Glas­gow, MT. Cool, over­cast. It did­n’t actu­al­ly rain but it was very threat­en­ing. Hwy 2 is often an inter­est­ing road in that it varies between two-lane and new­ly divid­ed four-lane. This occa­sion­al­ly leads to con­fus­ing lane strip­ing on the por­tion that used to be two-lane.  I stopped at the Wal-Mart in […]