Game Cameras – Jan and Feb

We were gone for a lot of the months of January and February but the wildlife goes on.

There is this little rabbit. Nibbling on a bit of brown grass.

a bit of food

Little bunny.

This bobcat is looking for the rabbits.

eater of bunny food

Bob the Cat

The deer are still here though not very much in evidence in the last two months.

more deer

Night time browsing.

We had a lot of snow and some power outages. Here are the neighbors going home after dropping by to make sure that the house sitter is doing okay.

deep snow

Thanks for the help!

The coyotes are now three.


A third has joined the group.

Lots of snow. It’s been a pretty winter.


Capturing the snow.

Doings on the Farm in December

I seems like it snowed a lot in December though part of that is that it has also snowed at the beginning of the year.

Early in the December we had a decent amount of snow


snow – makes the farm pretty and the walking treacherous.

New sighting. I’m pretty sure that the bird taking off (landing?) on the post that the camera is on is our local barred owl. We hear him at night and occasionally are dive bombed when walking in the woods during the day.


the barred owl?

No sign of the large predators this month. Just a couple of visits by a solo coyote.

the male?

looking fat and sassy?

There were very few appearances by the does. But Bucky was around a lot He’s fine looking fellow.

what was that?

bucky makes a day time visit.

wary? I don't think so.

in the septic field at night

Bucky is sharing the septic field with the bunnies. These little ones only show up on the cameras if something else triggers them.

no Gizmo you may not eat the bunny.


I did figure out what has been triggering the septic camera when there are no obvious animals. Now that we’ve used up the wood in the first rack the camera can see into the work yard and it triggers when ever someone is out moving around the wood racks or the back of the shop. Look carefully and you can see Jim filling the cart to bring firewood to the house.

now I know what's happening with the camera

where’s Waldo?

There was a Christmas Day walk with my mom and a tiny bit of snow.


the family goes for a walk on Christmas Day.

2017 year started with more snow. And the camera on the pasture road was very arty.

really, you'd think he had thing for sno-cones

snow monkey eats snow.

okay - it's just stuff stuck to the lens of the camera

coyote in the snow with arty filter effect



Game Cameras November

Only a few pictures this month.

Of note, the bear that should be asleep this time of year was up and moving around the property at the beginning of the month.

heading out for a very early breakfast

Out bear is still in town.

The bob cat also visited. We have him (her?) going up and down the drive way on Oct 31st and then in the septic field on Nov 19th.

cat butt! better than deer butt.

Up the Driveway

more cat, no butt

and back down the driveway

blurry but he's there

head shot a couple of weeks later.

The coyotes have been back. We haven’t seen them in over a month. I thought they were having trouble sharing the range with the bobcat.


the coyotes are back.

coyote, no roadrunner

another view

Bucky is looking good – quite sleek and fat.

psst, buddy wanna buy a watch.

nice little rack you got there

As are the does.


having a bit of lunch on a rainy day.


And once in a while the cameras bring us just a little too much information.


really? close the door next time


Game Cameras Early Fall 2016

or… What’s Doing on the Farm

We’ve had a bit of a fail. One of the cameras was hors de combat due to a mis-formated card. The camera located in the septic field took no pictures during September and October.
Meanwhile – here’s what’s been doing on the pasture road and driveway at the beginning of fall.

Our bear has not left the area. Though by now (early November) he’s likely denned up and torpid for the winter.

tromp, tromp

Back and cruising up the driveway like he owns the place.

We’ve seen this bobcat twice, about three weeks apart, near the pasture. I suspect there would be more pictures of him (her?) on the septic camera if it hadn’t failed. It’s interesting that the coyotes are nowhere to be seen since the cat has been around.

IR is magical.

Bobcat sighting

still hanging around

A second sighting of the bobcat 3 weeks later.

Then there’s this night creature.

evil stalks the woods.

Rarely sighted. The landshark by night.

In early fall we’re still mowing the verges and roadsides. Jim often combines taking the trash cans to the road with a quick pass along the sides of the driveway and around the pasture fence.

shorter grass!

Mowing happens in the fall too.

And the camera continues to capture the occasional arty shot.

does that look like art?

The tractor doing its weekly chores.

The big news around here for October was Jim’s new knee. He had surgery on the 11th. For the two days that we were at the hospital and the first couple of weeks after we had a lot of help from friends and neighbors. And because we’re kind of creepy like that we’ve got pictures. 😀

happy dog has friends

Shasta and Jack walking Gizmo.

more friends, more help, more gratitude

Yoav heading home after helping with the farm chores.

Jim is starting to get back into the swing of things. One of his big accomplishments was to get out and walk around the pasture.

progress is measured in footsteps

Jim takes his first walk after the new knee install.

Life goes on and the seasons turn here on the farm. Bucky has reappeared – with a nice set of points in velvet.

nice rack

Bucky is back!


Game Cameras Late Summer 2016

In the last couple of months we’ve seen more predators and fewer deer than in the past.

We do have a nice little buckling hanging around.

nice spikes!

our buckling

And here he is with one of the does.

going for a stroll

buckling and doe in the evening

We also had a couple of very exciting days when we were being visited by a bear. We saw him wander across the work yard one evening around supper time. Here’s a picture of him cruising down the driveway. And we found him again a couple of nights later chowing down on the bird feeders. The first time in over 15 years that we’ve had problems with the bird feeders. It’s sad that I can’t watch the summer bird from my office windows.

rather bold of him

bear on the driveway!

We’ve seen a lot of the coyotes. Frequently as a pair. There has been no sign of pups, perhaps they are too young? This is the first year that we’ve seen them together.

glossy and fat

wandering around the lower pasture road

Once more walking up the driveway in the middle of the night.


walking up the driveway in the middle of the night

The big news however is that we have captured on camera the collared female cougar that haunts our neighborhood.

Sadly it seems that she was in the neighborhood attacking livestock. None of ours but folks just up the road lost an alpaca.

here kitty

tracked under the name F17

Sometimes you get just plain odd or lucky shots. The driveway camera is sometimes triggered by birds landing on the rail that you can see on the left in these pictures. Here’s lucky shot of a bird flying away.

fly away!

one of the crows?

We also capture the occasional strolling neighbor.

I can never remember which dog is which

man and dog

Summer is almost over – we’ll probably only mow one more time. But in the middle of summer it’s a constant battle against the overwhelming vegetation. Here Jim is mowing the lower pasture lane

And this one last shot of ourselves coming back from a concert in the sidecar.


that’s a lot of reflective gear

More from the Game Cameras

June was a bad month for game cameras. One of the Brownings died – no idea why. And the replacement Bushnells are taking some time to get set up the way we want them. Still there were a couple of interesting sightings and good pictures.

Things we see during the day:

two up on the huckleberry

two up on the way out

We’ve seen both the resident does –  skinny neck and ragged ear. There’s also a little buckling but he’s not showing up on the cameras yet.

skinny neck

skinny neck

ragged ear

ragged ear

There are two coyotes:
We’re still learning to tell them apart. One has very distinct coloration on his face. The other is not so dramatically marked.

coyote #1

first there is this in the septic field – blurry as heck

coyote number 2

30 seconds later on the pasture road (the female?)


this is the male – I think.

Things we see at night:
The deer of course.

deer in the night

deer in the night

and our only shots of the coyote pair together.

two fer

coyote pair going up the driveway

scary eyes!

coyote pair coming back down the driveway

Equally flashy but not so scary.

to up on the way back from Lyle Lovett

That’s some flash gear.

trash night in the sticks

not so wildlife

after concert stroll

an evening walk in the rain

Game Cameras in the Late Winter and Early Spring

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of the game camera pictures. Even when we are ignoring them they sit in the woods and on the driveway and quietly go about their business.

Mostly we get shots of deer. A few of which have identifiable traits. There’s Torn Ear.

wonder how it got that way

Torn Ear

and one that I call Short Neck.

plays football?

Short Neck

We see lots of butts.

the big predator goes for a stroll

Night Time Walk

going off road on the way home?

And the Big Bike

back to the short bus

Back of the Defender

We’ve seen a coyote a bunch of times. For a couple of days at a time about every month. Both in the woods and on the driveway. Gizmo tracks something/someone up the lower pasture road most mornings. I think the coyotes are around more often than they end up on camera.

going for a stroll

Coyote Walks Down the Driveway

And surprise! We spotted a pair.

are you coming with me or not?

Two! Coyotes

We also get occasional sightings of Bob the Cat. Only in the septic field never on the driveway. I can’t figure out how he’s getting onto and off of the septic field.

looking for something

Bob the Cat

Occasionally the cameras get arty.

arty, no?

Game Camera Art

We’ve pulled that cameras in for downloading and battery replacements. They should go back out this weekend. We’re going to move the one from the septic field to down at the other end of the pasture near the manure pile. See who’s using that lower pasture road. More pictures next month. (maybe)

Vista Hermosa and Etla, Oaxaca

We took a car to Vista Hermosa and Etla yesterday. Here’s a few of the images we captured:

Pretty Flowers are Pretty

Not too many words for this post. We returned to La Encantada Orquideario to see what new wonders there were in the rainy season. Sadly there has not been nearly as much rain as usual this summer and the orchids are suffering a bit. (And they are having to buy water.)


A stream runs through the middle of the plantation.


And a rickety bridge crosses the stream. (I am not really this much of a munchkin – Jim took the picture from far up the slope.)


Here are a selection of lovely flowers from big, about 3″ across, to tiny, less that a 1/4″ across.

For making it all the way to tend of this post you get a bonus: