Game Cameras Late Summer 2016

In the last couple of months we’ve seen more predators and fewer deer than in the past.

We do have a nice little buckling hanging around.

nice spikes!

our buckling

And here he is with one of the does.

going for a stroll

buckling and doe in the evening

We also had a couple of very exciting days when we were being visited by a bear. We saw him wander across the work yard one evening around supper time. Here’s a picture of him cruising down the driveway. And we found him again a couple of nights later chowing down on the bird feeders. The first time in over 15 years that we’ve had problems with the bird feeders. It’s sad that I can’t watch the summer bird from my office windows.

rather bold of him

bear on the driveway!

We’ve seen a lot of the coyotes. Frequently as a pair. There has been no sign of pups, perhaps they are too young? This is the first year that we’ve seen them together.

glossy and fat

wandering around the lower pasture road

Once more walking up the driveway in the middle of the night.


walking up the driveway in the middle of the night

The big news however is that we have captured on camera the collared female cougar that haunts our neighborhood.

Sadly it seems that she was in the neighborhood attacking livestock. None of ours but folks just up the road lost an alpaca.

here kitty

tracked under the name F17

Sometimes you get just plain odd or lucky shots. The driveway camera is sometimes triggered by birds landing on the rail that you can see on the left in these pictures. Here’s lucky shot of a bird flying away.

fly away!

one of the crows?

We also capture the occasional strolling neighbor.

I can never remember which dog is which

man and dog

Summer is almost over – we’ll probably only mow one more time. But in the middle of summer it’s a constant battle against the overwhelming vegetation. Here Jim is mowing the lower pasture lane

And this one last shot of ourselves coming back from a concert in the sidecar.


that’s a lot of reflective gear

More from the Game Cameras

June was a bad month for game cameras. One of the Brownings died – no idea why. And the replacement Bushnells are taking some time to get set up the way we want them. Still there were a couple of interesting sightings and good pictures.

Things we see during the day:

two up on the huckleberry

two up on the way out

We’ve seen both the resident does –  skinny neck and ragged ear. There’s also a little buckling but he’s not showing up on the cameras yet.

skinny neck

skinny neck

ragged ear

ragged ear

There are two coyotes:
We’re still learning to tell them apart. One has very distinct coloration on his face. The other is not so dramatically marked.

coyote #1

first there is this in the septic field – blurry as heck

coyote number 2

30 seconds later on the pasture road (the female?)


this is the male – I think.

Things we see at night:
The deer of course.

deer in the night

deer in the night

and our only shots of the coyote pair together.

two fer

coyote pair going up the driveway

scary eyes!

coyote pair coming back down the driveway

Equally flashy but not so scary.

to up on the way back from Lyle Lovett

That’s some flash gear.

trash night in the sticks

not so wildlife

after concert stroll

an evening walk in the rain

Game Cameras in the Late Winter and Early Spring

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of the game camera pictures. Even when we are ignoring them they sit in the woods and on the driveway and quietly go about their business.

Mostly we get shots of deer. A few of which have identifiable traits. There’s Torn Ear.

wonder how it got that way

Torn Ear

and one that I call Short Neck.

plays football?

Short Neck

We see lots of butts.

the big predator goes for a stroll

Night Time Walk

going off road on the way home?

And the Big Bike

back to the short bus

Back of the Defender

We’ve seen a coyote a bunch of times. For a couple of days at a time about every month. Both in the woods and on the driveway. Gizmo tracks something/someone up the lower pasture road most mornings. I think the coyotes are around more often than they end up on camera.

going for a stroll

Coyote Walks Down the Driveway

And surprise! We spotted a pair.

are you coming with me or not?

Two! Coyotes

We also get occasional sightings of Bob the Cat. Only in the septic field never on the driveway. I can’t figure out how he’s getting onto and off of the septic field.

looking for something

Bob the Cat

Occasionally the cameras get arty.

arty, no?

Game Camera Art

We’ve pulled that cameras in for downloading and battery replacements. They should go back out this weekend. We’re going to move the one from the septic field to down at the other end of the pasture near the manure pile. See who’s using that lower pasture road. More pictures next month. (maybe)

Vista Hermosa and Etla, Oaxaca

We took a car to Vista Hermosa and Etla yesterday. Here’s a few of the images we captured:

Pretty Flowers are Pretty

Not too many words for this post. We returned to La Encantada Orquideario to see what new wonders there were in the rainy season. Sadly there has not been nearly as much rain as usual this summer and the orchids are suffering a bit. (And they are having to buy water.)


A stream runs through the middle of the plantation.


And a rickety bridge crosses the stream. (I am not really this much of a munchkin – Jim took the picture from far up the slope.)


Here are a selection of lovely flowers from big, about 3″ across, to tiny, less that a 1/4″ across.

For making it all the way to tend of this post you get a bonus:

Sunday in Oaxaca

The first day in Oaxaca is always a little slow – we have flight hangover and a bit of the altitude wibbles. So mostly we hang out and run a few errands. And It being Sunday we went to the Zocolo for the noon concert.

But first… Durango. Who’s grown into quite a nice boy.


Durango – the house dog, Wondering where the ball went.

Any Sunday trip to the Zocolo starts with coffee and a bit of breakfast.

Coffee for me!


Then you wander around for a while. Today we saw some new sculptures by Fernando Andriacci.



Anatomically Correct Bull.

Anatomically Correct Bull.

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

The point of Sunday in the Zocolo however is the Oaxaca State Band concert. Here’s a minute of the first piece, a bit of Schubert. Preceded by the church bells tolling noon.


On our way home I stopped to take a another picture of a little cat decal. I’ve been taking pictures of this for a number of years. It gets tattier and tattier but I still love it.

black cat sticker.

Cat Sticker on the Wall by the Local Market

New to the area is this art work on the wall on Miguel Negrete at Independencia.

Mural on the Wall

About 2/3rds of the Mural


Eggs in Muffin Tins

These are a sort of quiche-like things that we make in muffin tins in order to have something quick available for breakfast. You can use any sort of cheese, meat or greens that you fancy or have hanging out at the bottom of the fridge.

It’s utterly adjustable as long as you keep the egg:milk/cream ration consistent and don’t overdo the volume of the add-ins.


In the Woods

We moved the game cameras to new locations two weekends ago.

This one we thought was a sleeping area.

1150:060515:59F:BDF ONE   :5

1150:060515:59F:BDF ONE :5

But a couple of weeks of observation reveals nothing.

The other camera was placed at the south end of the septic field. An open area surrounded by forest and home to at least one bunny colony. Which explains the presence of this fellow.

1207:060415:54F:BDF TWO   :5

1207:060415:54F:BDF TWO :5

He gets a close up.

1207:060415:54F:BDF TWO   :5

1207:060415:54F:BDF TWO :5

We’ve also got the required butts. This one is especially graphic.

1905:061315:59F:BDF TWO   :7

1905:061315:59F:BDF TWO :7

And a nice shot of the neighbor’s dogs having a bit of a romp. Given the time stamps I’d guess that they had pursued the deer from their own yard to our woods.

1911:061315:59F:BDF TWO   :7

1911:061315:59F:BDF TWO :7

The Things You See in the Woods

For Christmas this year we got ourselves a couple of game camaras so that we could get a better look at the animals ( including neighbors) who are using the network of trails that goes through our woods. (People out here in the West usually call what we’ve got forest. But I’m old school and from the East, where the 20 acres that we’ve got would be called a Woods. So Woods it is for me.)

The cameras are a pair of Browning Strike Force (BTC-5). We got a two pack on sale. They take daylight color photos and nighttime infra-red. They can also shoot video but we haven’t experimented with that yet.

Each photo comes with a bunch of data at the bottom. Temperature, moonphase (useful at night) date and time, as well as a settable camera name. We have one that’s unnamed and one that’s named BDF TWO.

Pretty typical in the daytime photos are the deer. This was taken at the intersection of the two main paths to the immediate south of the logging road.

This spot at is at the intersection of two main paths.

Typical Deer Shot

We also get other people’s dogs. Anyone know this fellow?

run, run, they're coming

Running Dog

The night pictures can be pretty –  shots of the deer browsing or traveling to sleeping spots. I’m thinking that the next time we move the cameras I’ll try to find a frequently used sleeping spot for one of them.

This spot is off of the path back to the garage. It’s at the junction of two deer trails that can’t easily be walked by humans.

Maybe she stepped on a slug?

Tiny Steps

Who's there?

Looking Up

A few minutes later another deer comes by.

Yummy fern shoots

Night Browser

Late in April we had a new night visitor.

It’s the first sighting of the bobcat that we thought might be hanging around. (Look at the lower center of the frame.)

well hello kitty.


Note the short tail with the dark tip.

padding along in the night

Cat Butt


Parting Shot

We’ve had no sign of the bear that was here last winter. Maybe he and the bobcat aren’t amenable to sharing turf?

Well, we did find this Bear.

Jim on a trials bike.

The Papa Bear Out Riding

And here Jim is walking the dog in the morning before it’s light enough for the camera to switch to daytime. (Yeah, it says 8:45 but I think the camera missed daylight savings time – besides it stays dark in the woods.)

hurry up Dad

Are You Coming?

For some reason (camera timing?) we get lots of butts.

tails up!

Lots of These Butts.

Jim on the trials bike.

Moto Butt

The two most common butts in the woods. Me and the Big G.

oof, not flattering.

Let’s Go!