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Pierced Bird Window

This lit­tle cop­per piece is wait­ing for a home.

It’s about 2.5 inch­es square. The back­ground and fig­ure win­dow are cop­per. The tube riv­ets and spac­ers are brass.

3D pierced bird

3D pierced bird

The back­ground pat­tern was print­ed onto the cop­per using a com­mer­cial pat­tern sheet with the rolling mill. The bird fig­ure is a sim­pli­fied out­line tak­en from a Dutch tile that I found in a book.

The pierced piece floats over the back­ground.

about 1/4 inch between the layers

about 14 inch between the lay­ers

There is about 14 inch between the plates.

tube rivets with spacers

tube riv­ets with spac­ers

From the back you can see the hol­low riv­ets.

showing the rivets from the back

show­ing the riv­ets from the back

I sus­pect that this piece will end up as part of some­thing larg­er. Per­haps a box.

Mean­while it’s liv­ing on the design wall.

bird window waiting for further inspiration

bird win­dow wait­ing for fur­ther inspi­ra­tion

WIP — Pierced Copper Ring

Progress has been made on the ring.

A flat piece of cop­per was ham­mered and then cut into a cir­cle.
That cir­cle was dapped into a dome shape.
The the tree bit was sol­dered onto the domed bit, mak­ing a hol­low orna­ment
A chunk of 12 gauge half round ster­ling wire was made into a ring band.
The top was then sodlered to the ring band and… voila …

the front of the ring

the front of the ring

ring face soldered onto the ring band

ring face sol­dered onto the ring band

ring from the side

ring from the side

I hap­pen to be pret­ty dang proud of my first “real” sol­der­ing project.

Next up the fin­ish­ing. In the end the top of the ring will be black and the band will be satin fin­ished sil­ver.

WIP — Pierced Copper for JM1 Class.

I’m tak­ing Jew­el­ry and Met­al­smithing 1 at the Pratt Fine Arts Cen­ter.

Our first project is a ring. The top is made of a piece of pierced cop­per sol­dered to a half dome. Below are pic­tures of the two tops that I made last week. The pat­tern is gluesd on with rub­ber cement and then holes are drilled in the cop­per so that you can thread a jewelr’s saw through it and make the cuts.

The first ones didn’t quite work­out. The rays on the start just wouldn’t stay straight. More prac­tice is clear­ly the answer.

moon and stars pierced copper

moon and stars pierced cop­per

The sec­ond piece worked nice­ly.

tree design pattern

tree design pat­tern

The cir­cle on the front shows where the half dome will be sol­dered on.

From the top it will look like this.

the front

the front

More next week when I make the dome and learn how to sol­der things that aren’t car­ry­ing elec­tric­i­ty.