Gather Socks

Start­ing off with a lit­tle project that I final­ly fin­ished. The Gath­er socks. I start­ed these in August and fin­ished them in Octo­ber — not bad for me. I bought the yarn (and nee­dles) from Cir­cle of Yarns in Kala­math Falls OR on the way to Eagle Lake, CA for the16th Annu­al Pacif­ic North­west Dry­side Gath­er. Great shop. […]

Hand Recursive and Finger Hat.

Slack­ing on the income earn­ing front and doing art instead. Two com­plet­ed pieces: Hand recur­sive. I fin­ished this one a cou­ple of weeks ago. It was my first try in this shape. Fin­ger Hat A 4X4 on heavy water­col­or paper. Images from needle­work mag­a­zines, but­tons from heav­en only knows where and a bit of type from my […]

Yellow Walls

The painters are done and I have reclaimed my space. The move out and back into the stu­dio was almost pain­less. Prob­a­bly because I had recent­ly reor­ga­nized all the crap and there had not been much time for cruft to accu­mu­late. My office is anoth­er sto­ry. edit­ed 25.june.2008 to cor­rect image links

Family Photographs — It’s All Grist for the Mill

I’ve been col­lect­ing up the old pho­to albums and sort­ing the pic­tures. There are a num­ber that I’d like to use in the col­lages. But of course I don’t want to glue up my only copy of great-grand­moth­er’s por­trait so… It’s time to get scan­ning. I’ll leave the has­sles of get­ting an elder­ly scan­ner to […]

Reusable Grocery Bag

Every­body is doing it. Even here in the “bub­ble.” Using those ugly green reusable gro­cery bags. Heart­warm­ing eco-points 8. Style points 0. I won’t even men­tion what they chose to fill it with for this image. Yuck! I made this one yes­ter­day. Heart­warm­ing eco-points 8. Style points 6. Maybe. It’s still bet­ter than some vague­ly poly­ester green […]

TGIF — Gothic Arches

Two new/old goth­ic arch­es. I found these while I was purg­ing the work­ing projects piles. They aren’t much to look at being just a cou­ple of exper­i­ments with back­ground cre­ation tech­niques. The birds and flow­ers was based on a piece of paper tow­el that I had used as a wiper for water col­ors in another […]

WIP — The Loop Road Project (pop-ups)

Our recent vaca­tion gave Jim the chance to take a lot of pic­tures of motor­cy­cles and rid­ers on the prover­bial “closed course.” Some of them are in fact “pro­fes­sion­al rid­ers.” I now have tons of unclut­tered pho­tos to work with. Hence the cre­ation of a new series of work, this time in engi­neered paper. First […]

learning to work with the new serger

So it’s been a month or so since i got my serg­er. I made a cou­ple of starter projects on it when i first unpacked it but I had oth­er projects (xmas) that need­ed my atten­tion and i did­n’t have a chance to get back to it until last week. I have a ter­ri­ble time buying […]


I took a PMC (pre­cious met­al clay) work­shop with Mered­ith Arnold last week­end. It took about 8 hours to make these four pieces in a class room. They are con­struc­tion sam­ples so fin­ish qual­i­ty is low. PMC is nice to work with. The tools can be very sim­ple and it real­ly does work like mod­el­ing clay. (Though […]


I cleaned out the top draw­er in my bed­side table. Among the detri­tus were these. Rang­ing form a brass koala giv­en to me by a stranger in San Fran­cis­co my fresh­man year in col­lege to a bot­tle shaped pin from the Mak­er’s Mark dis­tillery and about a dozen zoos in between.