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We’re build­ing a lot of stone walls this year. When we first had the lawns and beds installed we did­n’t have the time and mon­ey to build the bed walls that we want­ed so we used the black plas­tic edg­ing to keep the grass out of the beds (sort of) This year we’re replac­ing the plas­tic edg­ing with stone walls. We’re using cast stones (con­crete) in three col­ors. We’ve done a hand­ful of walls so far.

We did the wall around the bed behind the per­go­la last fall as a test. Then we bought 10 pal­lets of stones.

lillies and sea-pinks

The sea pinks are get­ting ready to bloom (mad­ly) and the lilies are com­ing up. I just have to remem­ber to put down slug bait on a reg­u­lar basis.

I’ve put a bunch of herbs in this bed as well. It’s con­ve­nient to the kitchen. There’s a space in the mid­dle for basil. Which I’ll put in when I get the toma­toes lat­er in June.

herb bed

We did the wall around the bird bath bed last week­end. Once up on a time there were some 40 or 50 tulips in this bed. Five years lat­er we got a poor show­ing of three blooms. Tulips just don’t last.

birdbath bed

The only thing that stayed in this bed are the peonies. Most­ly it’s peren­ni­als, cro­cisi­ma, ox-eye daisies, geums, and the like. The lit­tle tri­an­gle in the front has a few annu­als. Cal­en­du­la for col­or and stocks for fra­grance. Usu­al­ly I put nico­tiana in the front of the house but this year I’m try­ing stocks.

bird bath bed

BTW the word­press dic­tio­nary is woe­ful­ly igno­rant of plant names.

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