so the oth­er day as i was look­ing through some of the thou­sands of fold­ers of pho­tos we have i found this one.

other than the catchy rhyme it's a lousy sign
sign on the ferry

oth­er than the catchy rhyme it’s a lousy sign.

i just want to know who they (the peo­ple who designed the sign) think is going to under­stand that this is where you should go if you need to get into the lifeboat?

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  1. Mom

    Hey, L., Thanks for the update on weath­er, sewing, knit­ting and snow pic­tures. Plen­ty of snow here (Maine). I’m try­ing to use up my odds and ends of yarn, so also have projects under­way. The lat­est is a pil­low cov­er in Tunisian cro­chet — var­ie­gat­ed tan, cop­per and medi­um blue. Anoth­er is knit­ted log cab­in squares (21″); and ‑as always — kids’ mit­tens. Pat­terns? –well – . love to all, Mom

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