Going Home

July 21st. The big day. He was just wait­ing for us to come for him. There was some play time. All the young­sters get­ting in on it. There’s a pile of chew toys under there some­where. Susan showed us a lit­tle of what the boy could do. Here he’s start­ing a Down. He sits so […]

Hello, my name is Gizmo.

This is my baby pic­ture. Lara took it a cou­ple of weeks ago when she and Jim came to vis­it us. No doubt when I am old­er I will wish that I had­n’t post­ed it here. But for now I hope you enjoy it and all of the oth­ers. Here’s some video of us play­ing […]

New Cat

In the  spring I lost my faith­ful min­ion Trip. Ear­ly this sum­mer we added Peach to our menagerie. As much as I love the big orange doo­fus, he’s just not min­ion mate­r­i­al. (Also, he prefers Jim’s com­pa­ny to mine. Curr.) So… to rec­ti­fy the lack of a min­ion for the Mag­pie Cen­ter for World Dom­i­na­tion. We have added a […]

Weekend Picture Taking, Part II

Hm, the week­end pic­­ture-tak­ing did­n’t end Sat­ur­day morn­ing, though that was my plan. We head­ed out Sat­ur­day, late after­noon, to hit up the lum­ber yard for 2x4s and grab some din­ner before head­ing back home to fin­ish the chick­en aviary improve­ments. (more on that lat­er) I grabbed my cam­era and threw the 50mm lens on […]

Weekend Picture Taking

It’s been a long week­end already and it’s only noon on Sun­day 🙂 Of course I start­ed it on Fri­day. Ear­ly fri­day morn­ing I head­ed out to take some flower and yard pic­tures and to start get­ting the birds at the new feed­ers used to my being around with the cam­era. The yard is a […]

Red Chili in a Slow Cooker

Ingre­di­ents 2 lbs lean ground beef or stew meat 32 oz chunky sal­sa 28 oz diced toma­toes (1 big can) 30 oz red kid­ney beans or black beans (2 cans) 2 tbs chili pow­der 2 tsp ground cumin 2 tsp gar­lic pow­der 2 tsp dried oregano Direc­tions Brown the beef in a skil­let, drain the […]