Weekend Picture Taking, Part II

Hm, the week­end pic­ture-tak­ing did­n’t end Sat­ur­day morn­ing, though that was my plan. We head­ed out Sat­ur­day, late after­noon, to hit up the lum­ber yard for 2x4s and grab some din­ner before head­ing back home to fin­ish the chick­en aviary improve­ments. (more on that lat­er) I grabbed my cam­era and threw the 50mm lens on it just in case we were out late enough to catch the pic­ture of our lit­tle town at sun­set that I’ve been see­ing but not get­ting for a cou­ple of weeks now. That was­n’t the pic­ture I got.

Bad news, the white truck spit the binkie — or rather a fuel pump. Luck­i­ly in a con­ve­nient park­ing lo. But not the hard­ware store lot, which was prob­a­bly a good thing.

For some rea­son yes­ter­day was a ter­ri­bly busy day for the AAA and tow truck guys. (There’s a long sto­ry here but only those involved care 🙂

So I had a cou­ple of hours to sit around and cool my heels. But hey, what luck, I had my cam­era with me and it was get­ting to be late and the light was get­ting inter­est­ing and well here you have them. A hand­ful of things that I shot in a sub­ur­ban park­ing lot. Just goes to prove that you real­ly can find some­thing to look at no mat­ter where you are.

[nggallery id=1]

I’m also using this post to try out the NextGEN gallery plug-in. I need some­thing for using on this blog. I also need some­thing to build a port­fo­lio site in but that’s tak­ing way too long and has been way too much of a mess. Be warned — there are a lot of crap Word­Press “port­fo­lio” themes out there. Expen­sive ones too.

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