Going Home

July 21st. The big day.

He was just wait­ing for us to come for him.

yup, it's me.
Just Wait­ing for You to Say the Word

There was some play time. All the young­sters get­ting in on it. There’s a pile of chew toys under there somewhere.

all those puppy butts!
Pup­py Playtime

Susan showed us a lit­tle of what the boy could do. Here he’s start­ing a Down.

um, it's going to where?
Down, Fol­low­ing a Treat

He sits so very hard. As if sheer deter­mi­na­tion will get big­ger, bet­ter cookies.

i'm sitting, i'm sitting, i'm sitting

It was a long ride home. Giz­mo gets car sick. He’s a pret­ty good sport about it, but it’s not how he likes to spend the day.

Once home he had a good run around the work yard and got some treats.

really? aren't all four paws supposed to be on the ground?
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Met the old dog.

hey, what's that big floppy thing you brought home?
Meet­ing Dee-Dee

Posed for a nice por­trait. My Two Dudes

Jim and Gizmo

Had a real­ly wild run from the barn to the rock wall and back and forth chas­ing Jim.

Run­ning Laps

He can real­ly get the ears and lips and tongue flying.

Def­i­nite­ly Some Sort of UFO

Then got to wade in the bucket.

Buck­ets are for Wading…
drink it? nu huh.
Right? Oh, Drinking…

That wet dog look is one that we’re get­ting used to.

i wanted to be a water dog
All Wet

This isn’t going to be quite as cute in Jan­u­ary. No, he isn’t going to give up play­ing in the buck­ets just because it’s 30 degrees out­side instead of 90.


At the end of the day — at the end of almost every day. He smiles.

and I like your tile
Hap­py Pup­py Smiles

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