Red Chili in a Slow Cooker

A tra­di­tion at the Box­ing Day Par­ty. We’ve giv­en this recipe to skiers, foot­ball fans, par­ents of tod­dlers who refuse to eat “fun­ny stuff”, and moth­ers of teenage boys who don’t eat so much as inhale. What­ev­er. It dis­ap­pears by the boat load. Serve with corn bread is you’re feel­ing ambi­tious. Tor­tillas if you aren’t. […]

Spiced Pecans

More hol­i­day requests. I’m remak­ing some bits of the web­site over here and just to make sure that I don’t end on any­one’s naughty list, I’m mak­ing sure that all of the most request­ed recipes stay avail­able. This one is for the crack-addic­­tive pecans that show up at hol­i­day par­ties when any­one is sil­ly enough […]

Morroccan Chili

It’s not real­ly chili. It’s actu­al­ly soup, but it’s served at Box­ing Day when there’s Red Chili and Green Chili so this is  Orange Chili. It’s also Veg­an. And, odd­ly, accord­ing to a Moroc­can bar­tender I once described it to, pret­ty dan­ged authen­tic. Go fig­ure. Easy to mul­ti­ply for crowds. Remem­ber = Do not feed […]

Eggs in Muffin Tins

These are a sort of quiche-like things that we make in muf­fin tins in order to have some­thing quick avail­able for break­fast. You can use any sort of cheese, meat or greens that you fan­cy or have hang­ing out at the bot­tom of the fridge. It’s utter­ly adjustable as long as you keep the egg:milk/cream […]