Inspriation: Zapotec Designs

We spent Sat­ur­day with our friend Demetrio Bautista Lazo the weaver. In addi­tion to eat­ing too much. (Gra­cias, Mari­bel por la comi­da muy deli­cioso!) We went walk­ing around the town of Teoti­t­lan. That’s Demetrio show­ing me a tree of life rug that he’s work­ing on. This the dome of the local church.. As was com­mon when […]

New Techniques

I’ve got a shiny new copy of Pho­to­shop CS3 and have been exper­i­ment­ing. In Pho­to­shop Cre­ative Col­lec­tion v3 (no link avail­able) there’s a tech­nique that mim­ics pen and ink. Some­thing that is sim­i­lar to some water­col­or and ink work that I did a cou­ple of years ago. I did the tuto­r­i­al and got this effect. Which […]

Favorite Objects

These are match box­es. I buy them in Oax­a­ca Mex­i­co. The actu­al­ly come with match­es in them. Though I have to throw them out before I try to bring the box­es home. I got these two box­es in Cora­zon Zapote­ca in Alcala street in Oax­a­ca. Both are approx­i­mate­ly 2 1⁄2 x 4 1⁄2 innhes. La Sire­na is one […]

An exhibition of books in Oaxaca

Each time I am in Oax­a­ca I stop into the Casa De La Ciu­dad. There is always some­thing inter­est­ing in the lit­tle sala to the right of the entrance. When I was last there (Sep­tem­ber 2008) it was the exhi­bi­tion ‑Los Libres, Los Via­jes, y El Tiem­po (Books, Trav­els, and Time — rough­ly) The prob­lem of how […]

Day 1 — In Which We Slack

The first day here in Oax­a­ca is always a lit­tle slow.  I’ve been beat­en up by the air­lines, the alti­tude change is more than 5000 ft, and there’s the nec­es­sary trips for sup­plies (beer.) Lead­ing to not doing much. A brief after­noon stroll to try out the new lens was all the ambi­tion I could muster. We […]