What We Saw in the Woods in July

First up we have the bear. He’s been seen a lot late­ly — includ­ing destroy­ing some of the neigh­bor’s bird feeders.

did I see Something over there?
day­light bear
comin' at ya'
the bear

In this pic­ture I can’t be entire­ly sure that it’s our bear and not a small­er one. The scale is hard to judge.

the bear else­where — or is it a small­er bear or cub?

Next we have a cou­ple of the coy­ote. Sin­gles only this time. Not sure if we’ve still got two or if they have split up.

kind of a tough guy, no?
anoth­er of the coyote
walk­ing up the dri­ve­way — typical

Now Bob the Cat. Love­ly look at the spots on the back of his ears.

love the ear spots
bob the cat

The local buck is look­ing good. He’s putting on a decent set of antlers.

what a rack
nice shot of bucky from behind
how many points?
good look at Bucky

We had a lot of dog vis­i­tors last month.

what you looking at dude?
Har­ri­son at liberty
Ollie and companion

And usu­al count of Jim rid­ing bikes in the woods. And one of me look­ing like I’m not too hap­py about something.

Turning radius, we don't need no turning radius
Jim on the big bike.
I wonder what's with that expression?
Yours tru­ly, look­ing rather pensive.

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