Barn Swallows are Back

Each sum­mer we have sev­er­al nests of barn swal­lows. Late last week I watched the first of the barn swal­lows fly across the pas­ture. This morn­ing I had the first evi­dence that house­keep­ing has start­ed. One of the oldest/biggest nests is perched on top of the flood light over the feed room in the barn. As […]

Chicken Update

The friz­zled ban­ty hen has man­aged to hide out and hatch a hand­ful of chicks.  Jim caught this one out for a snack. Hope­ful­ly they will stay in the barn long enough to grow to be too big for the crows to terrorize.

Playing Catch Up.

A new toy.     But before we can do any­thing about that… We have to fix this. Yeah, that’s pret­ty much half of the dash pulled out. Tomor­row night the oth­er half comes out. All because I don’t like cold feet.   (Update to the update — Jim got it all done and but­toned back up on Sun­day. Good thing […]