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Snow Report — a Little Late

The snow has just about all melt­ed — now we’re hav­ing floods. But here are a few of the best pic­tures from the Decem­ber snow storms.

We are very grate­ful to have Adven­ture Truck on our side.  He got us off the farm and safe­ly back every sin­gle day of the storm except Christ­mas. Some­days we only went as far as the Start­bucks and the post office (noth­ing in the box­a­gain!) but it helped.

adventure truck powers along

adven­ture truck pow­ers along

Some of our ani­mals love the snow, oth­er not so much. Ivan will sleep on the back porch while it snows on him. We have to remem­ber to keep the laun­dry room door shut or he’s like­ly to come into the house and head for his couch look­ing like this:

ivan on the back porch

ivan on the back porch

On the oth­er hand Tuck­er — the barn cat- real­ly hat­ed the snow. It quick­ly got to be too deep for him to walk through and he was stuck in the barn for sev­er­al days. Here Jim is talk­ing to him a cou­ple of days into his con­fine­ment.

jim talking to the snow bound cat

jim talk­ing to the snow bound cat

There were a lot of lit­tle birds hang­ing about the place. We couldn’t keep the feed­ers clear of snow and even­tu­al­ly start­ed lay­ing seed and water plans on the cov­ered porchs. Here a jun­co sits fluffed up against the cold in the maple tree out­side my office. (The pic­ture is cropped from a much larg­er image show­ing the entire flock.)

juinco in the maple

jun­co in the maple

One last pho­to just because… it makes me laugh.

ivan after helping with chores

ivan after help­ing with chores

Note the lit­tle birdy tracks in the snow!

Shearing Day Report

Today was shear­ing day. There were only 6 ani­mals so it went quick­ly.

Here’s what the crew looked like before:

the crew all fat and wooly after a snowy winter

the crew all fat and wooly after a snowy win­ter

Here Jason is shear­ing the first vic­tim, er Mut­ton:

Jason shearing Mutton

Jason shear­ing Mut­ton

And here’s what they look like now:

the crew after shearing

the crew after shear­ing

Barn Swallows are Back

Each sum­mer we have sev­er­al nests of barn swal­lows.

Late last week I watched the first of the barn swal­lows fly across the pas­ture. This morn­ing I had the first evi­dence that house­keep­ing has start­ed.

One of the oldest/biggest nests is perched on top of the flood light over the feed room in the barn.

flood light over the feed room

flood light over the feed room

As you can see it’s a tight fit.

here's the nest perched on top of the light fizture

here’s the nest perched on top of the light fiz­ture

This morn­ing I found this lit­tle mess on the floor direct­ly under­neath the nest. It’s made up of hay loose­ly joined with mud and a plush lin­ing of chick­en feath­ers.

barn swallow nest

barn swal­low nest

chicken feathers used to line the nest

chick­en feath­ers used to line the nest

Usu­al­ly they just build a new lay­er on top of last years nest. I sus­pect this last top lay­er had to be evict­ed because there is no more room to build up.

We should see the females arrive soon.

Funny Faces

Just for amuse­ment val­ue. This is what life looks like around here in the spring.

who me? no, I never overeat.

who me? no, I nev­er overeat.

Click on the pho­to to embiggen. Real­ly, it’s worth it. I’ll wait…

And here he is look­ing a lit­tle less goony.

still got hay everywhere

still got hay every­where

Chicken Update

The friz­zled ban­ty hen has man­aged to hide out and hatch a hand­ful of chicks.

Jim caught this one out for a snack.

one black chicken, one black chick

one black chick­en, one black chick

Hope­ful­ly they will stay in the barn long enough to grow to be too big for the crows to ter­ror­ize.

Playing Catch Up.

A new toy.


1966 Honda 305 Dream

The newest toy and our next project.


But before we can do any­thing about that…

We have to fix this.

Yeah, that’s pret­ty much half of the dash pulled out. Tomor­row night the oth­er half comes out. All because I don’t like cold feet.

um, that kinda exploded huh?

There are bits of this truck that are waaaay too far behind oth­er bits.


(Update to the update — Jim got it all done and but­toned back up on Sun­day. Good thing too, because there’s snow fore­cast for tonight.)

 A lazy cat.

lazy cat

Peach in his pref­ered win­ter spot.

Work — or not.


You can find it here.

I’m not actu­al­ly signed up. Because I’m chick­en shit and all that. Most­ly because I don’t write nov­els. At least not with any suc­cess. I write short sto­ries. And I plan to write 4 this month. It’s my own lit­tle ver­sion of NaNoW­riMo.