New Glass

We spent a lit­tle time down at the expen­sive toy store ear­li­er this week­end. We came away with two new-to-us lenses.

The first is rather dull — it’s a straight across replace­ment for the 70 – 300 that we already had. The new one has VR, Nikon’s image stabilization/vibration reduc­tion pack­age. The longer the lens the more I appre­ci­ate VR.

The sec­ond lens is a bit more inter­est­ing. A 12 – 14 f4 aspher­i­cal. (Tok­i­na.) We bought it because I want a wider lens for get­ting good shots of the crowd­ed nar­row streets and aisles in Mex­i­co. So that I can get things like these pic­tures of the road to the farm.

heading down the road
our road

I’m con­sid­er­ing using this one on the new Black­dog and Mag­pie web­site design. Doing some thing with a ver­ti­cal image on the left side rather than the total­ly pre­dictable head­er image.

the road outta here
look­ing down the road from the pasture

If you know my back­yard well you’ll be able to see the amount of squash­ing in this pic­ture. It’s actu­al­ly a long way from the rock pile to the edge of the saw buck. You can also tell that the hood does­n’t fit  per­fect­ly and that at 12mm there’s some inter­fer­ence with the edges of the image. Oh well, I’ll have to see what I can do about it.

the rock pile never gets smaller
the back side of the work yard

The oth­er rea­son for get­ting a nice fat round lens is to be able to take good land­scape pic­tures. Admit­ted­ly about the only thing we have around there this fall is green but it’s nice crisp detailed green.

green and lush even in late summer
why yes, we have a few ferns

And some more green things.

shiny leaves
more foliage, up close this time

But best of all is the abil­i­ty to get close and shal­low on those days when the lilies look good but the patio fur­ni­ture is a lit­tle dingy.

that's hot
the last of the Stargaz­er lilies for this year

In this morn­ing’s exper­i­ment­ing I found that the cam­era con­sis­tent­ly over expos­es shots if I let it have too much say in the expo­sure, espe­cial­ly if I let it choose a shut­ter speed. A lit­tle care in shoot­ing and a  lit­tle nudge in Light­room and I get those love­ly water drops on the lily… happy.

This time next week I’ll be writ­ing the first of the posts from Oax­a­ca and the Mex­i­can bicen­ten­ni­al cel­e­bra­tions. Can’t wait!

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