30 Minutes with Photoshop

I have a desk­top wid­get that acts as a sideshows pho­to frame on my devel­op­ment machine. Hav­ing some­thing pleas­ant to stare at when my mind goes blank on a prob­lem is nice. This morn­ing, dur­ing a par­tic­u­lar­ly intense “now how the hell is that sup­posed to work” spell the pho­to below came up. Click on the photo […]

New Pictures

Two gal­leries of pic­tures from last week’s day-trip to the Fri­day Har­bor in the San Juan Islands for the pur­pose of pick­ing up the pig. (Yum­my fresh pork!) First a gen­er­al gallery — most­ly shots that Jim took. And a col­lec­tion, most­ly mine — a few of Jim’s, tak­en at the fer­ry dock at Lopez Island on the way to Friday […]

Photos from Puerto Vallarta

two quick gal­leries with­out any edit­ing work — Mine: http://​black​do​gand​mag​pie​.net/​g​a​l​l​e​r​i​e​s​/​i​n​d​e​x​.​p​h​p​?​a​l​b​u​m​=​l​a​r​a​s​ — ​r​o​u​g​h​ — ​cut Jim’s: http://blackdogandmagpie.net/galleries/index.php?album=puerto-vallarta‑1

New Glass

We spent a lit­tle time down at the expen­sive toy store ear­li­er this week­end. We came away with two new-to-us lens­es. The first is rather dull — it’s a straight across replace­ment for the 70 – 300 that we already had. The new one has VR, Nikon’s image stabilization/vibration reduc­tion pack­age. The longer the lens the more I appre­ci­ate VR. […]

Day 1 — In Which We Slack

The first day here in Oax­a­ca is always a lit­tle slow.  I’ve been beat­en up by the air­lines, the alti­tude change is more than 5000 ft, and there’s the nec­es­sary trips for sup­plies (beer.) Lead­ing to not doing much. A brief after­noon stroll to try out the new lens was all the ambi­tion I could muster. We […]