19 years and counting — in Winthrop

Last week­end J and I spend a few days “away” in Winthrop WA. It was a nice chance to relax and spend some down time with each other.

Fri­day after­noon was hot and dry when we left Seat­tle. The long route through the moun­tains (up to Hwy 20.)

The canyon below Dia­blo dam was com­plete­ly dry.

diablo dam and diablo lake behind it.
look­ing back up the riv­er to the dam

Sign van­dal­ism is a pop­u­lar pas­time. This one is a bit more clever than many.

modified sign
dude, that’s gonna hurt

We stayed at the Rio Vista Hotel right in the mid­dle of the kitsch­i­est part of town 😉 It was great.

rio vista hotel in winthrop wa
lots of bikes in town — you can bare­ly see my car 🙂

Sat­ur­day was Hot. We walked around some in the morn­ing tak­ing pic­ture and peep­ing at the lit­tle town.

If you get out ear­ly enough in the day you can see the deer mov­ing around.

deer checking out the shrubbery
ear­ly in the morn­ing the deer make their rounds

We also saw this ear­ly Sat­ur­day morn­ing. It did not fol­low us home. I’m not sure if I’m grate­ful or sad about that.

72 norton commando
yes it’s real ’72

Yes, it’s also kick-start only, and yes it was priced real­is­ti­cal­ly at $6k. (I can read the phone num­ber in the orig­i­nal pho­to is you real­ly need to know.)

This is just one of the Old West style build­ing on the tourist route.

nothing to see behind the sign
one of many false front build­ings in town

It was a great week­end and now we’re start­ing on year 20.

The art pho­tos of Dia­blo Dam.

More pics from around town.

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