Day 12: a rest day, sort of…

No trav­el today. Hung around Matt and Jodi’s place, changed tires on the bike and helped Matt put new tires on his Black­bird. That was after Matt so kind­ly ran me all over Austin get­ting a replace­ment phone lined up, some oil for the bike, and a new bite valve for my hydra­tion bag. So in the after­noon, we had us a tire-changin’ par­ty. did­n’t go too bad, about an hour and a half for four tires. It was get­ting warm, i was get­ting tired, so i decid­ed to put the oil change off until tomor­row. So tomor­row is oil change and laun­dry day. 

For din­ner tonight, Matt and Jody took me to a place called the Salt Lick BBQ. Real­ly good Austin BBQ, yum!

sor­ry no pics today, i’ll try to take some of this gor­geous area tomor­row, and maybe some oil change pics too.
till tomorrow.


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