Preparing to go ‘walkabout’

As some you already know, your obe­di­ent scribe is plan­ning a trip, what my wife and I refer to as ‘going walk­a­bout’ after the aus­tralian tra­di­tion of ‘see­ing what’s out there’. In this case, I’ll be using a KTM 950 adven­ture for trans­porta­tion, and ‘out there’ is shap­ing up to mean­ing most states west of […]

Walkabout Day 2: In which I went down the drain. drain, oregon. really!

447 miles today, a lit­tle longer than I usu­al­ly like, but there were Issues. It appears that rain is head­ed for the north­ern cal­i­for­nia coast tomor­row. In con­sid­er­a­tion, today’s plan was to get far enough south that cut­ting inland could be done fair­ly ear­ly tomor­row, in an attempt to stay dry. Look­ing at the weath­er forcast […]

Walkabout Day 9: a road to remember

  356 miles today, Kayen­ta, AZ to Taos, NM. Stel­lar weath­er the whole way, 60s and 70s and no clouds. Much of the morn­ing was spent cross­ing the east­ern hald of the Nava­jo nation. It’s fair­ly obvi­ous that, at least in this area, the Nava­jo are not get­ting rich off of gam­bling, maybe a few, but […]