Words Found Today

In the cor­ner of the page con­tain­ing a pat­tern for cut­ting out a joint­ed paper doll. 1. Enlarge or reduce tem­plate to desired size. 2. Cut out. 3. Embell­ish and attach pieces togeth­er. I think these may be the lost direc­tions for life.


Word clouds are a fun way of find­ing out what’s real­ly on your (blog’s) mind. The Gen­er­a­tor Blog point­ed to Wor­dle this morn­ing and I’ve been hav­ing fun mak­ing clouds for var­i­ous blogs I read/write. Here’s one based on ms. shoes: I think I spend a lit­tle too much time writ­ing about the chick­ens. Though I … 

Words found Today

I’m a lit­tle behind in my read­ing and writ­ing. I found a scrap of paper on my desk this after­noon. It says: I am not wear­ing my good girl shoes. I remem­ber laugh­ing hys­ter­i­cal­ly when I first read it but now can’t remem­ber where. Oh well.

An exhibition of books in Oaxaca

Each time I am in Oax­a­ca I stop into the Casa De La Ciu­dad. There is always some­thing inter­est­ing in the lit­tle sala to the right of the entrance. When I was last there (Sep­tem­ber 2008) it was the exhi­bi­tion ‑Los Libres, Los Via­jes, y El Tiem­po (Books, Trav­els, and Time — rough­ly) The prob­lem of how …