A New Space Ship!

Last year, I caught the Sport-Tour­ing bike bug again. I have owned sev­er­al over the years, and a quick ride on a friend’s ’09 BMW R1200RT real­ly remind­ed me what I was miss­ing on  my long-legged ‘Tur­bo Giraffe’ (KTM 950 Adven­ture). So I began list­ing bikes I might want and research­ing them. One by one […]

Game Cameras Late Summer 2016

In the last cou­ple of months we’ve seen more preda­tors and few­er deer than in the past. We do have a nice lit­tle buck­ling hang­ing around. And here he is with one of the does. We also had a cou­ple of very excit­ing days when we were being vis­it­ed by a bear. We saw him […]

Doings on the Farm in December

I seems like it snowed a lot in Decem­ber though part of that is that it has also snowed at the begin­ning of the year. Ear­ly in the Decem­ber we had a decent amount of snow New sight­ing. I’m pret­ty sure that the bird tak­ing off (land­ing?) on the post that the cam­era is on […]

Game Cameras — Jan and Feb

We were gone for a lot of the months of Jan­u­ary and Feb­ru­ary but the wildlife goes on. There is this lit­tle rab­bit. Nib­bling on a bit of brown grass. This bob­cat is look­ing for the rab­bits. The deer are still here though not very much in evi­dence in the last two months. We had […]

More from the Game Cameras — March

Not so much on the cam­eras this month. The deer are walk­ing around in groups again. Three most­ly. I haven’t seen any sign of the buck or his antlers since Decem­ber. I was hop­ing to get the antlers for the dog to chew on. The preda­tors have been out at night. Coy­otes both on the […]