Paper Boxes

I got a kit for mak­ing a paper box last week. It was from Books by Hand. They have a num­ber of kits for mak­ing books/albums and box­es using book board, book cloth, and dec­o­ra­tive papers. Ben Franklin sells the kits. Most­ly they sell com­plete kits but if you scout around you can find kits […]

Playing with (paper) Dolls

This lit­tle har­le­quin dancer is sit­ting on my work­table wait­ing for a face. That’s always the hard part. I start­ed with the doll parts and some fan­cy red and gold paper that became her tights. Then she got a skirt. I start­ed with some organ­za and cut two lay­ers. the upper lay­er is notched and then the […]

WIP — The Loop Road Project (pop-ups)

Our recent vaca­tion gave Jim the chance to take a lot of pic­tures of motor­cy­cles and rid­ers on the prover­bial “closed course.” Some of them are in fact “pro­fes­sion­al rid­ers.” I now have tons of unclut­tered pho­tos to work with. Hence the cre­ation of a new series of work, this time in engi­neered paper. First […]

Clever Packaging

On my way back to my inter­rupt­ed vaca­tion in Oax­a­ca I had the chance to upgrade my DFW to MEX flight to busi­ness class. I *love* busi­ness class. The only thing bet­ter than the leg room is the refuge from the “cheap as we can make it” ethos of coach. Includ­ing this love­ly lit­tle bit […]

An exhibition of books in Oaxaca

Each time I am in Oax­a­ca I stop into the Casa De La Ciu­dad. There is always some­thing inter­est­ing in the lit­tle sala to the right of the entrance. When I was last there (Sep­tem­ber 2008) it was the exhi­bi­tion ‑Los Libres, Los Via­jes, y El Tiem­po (Books, Trav­els, and Time — rough­ly) The prob­lem of how […]