Playing with (paper) Dolls

This lit­tle har­le­quin dancer is sit­ting on my work­table wait­ing for a face. That’s always the hard part.

paper doll harlequin dancer

I start­ed with the doll parts and some fan­cy red and gold paper that became her tights.

Then she got a skirt.

harlequin dancer with black skirt

I start­ed with some organ­za and cut two lay­ers. the upper lay­er is notched and then the edge is fin­ished with a blan­ket stitch and some gold beads. Get­ting the beads to sit just right was a bit fid­dly and I had to wear my read­ing glass­es to see what I was doing. I don’t think I’ll try this with small­er beads!

detail of beading and edge stitching on the skirt

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