One of My Favorite TV Shows from Way Back

Back in the day (new­ly mar­ried) the DH and I used to watch a lot of the dis­cov­ery chan­nel. One of the most charm­ing shows was The Secret Life of Machines. Every­day items like vac­u­um clean­ers, wash­ing machines, and quartz watch­es explained by decon­struc­tion and wacky lit­tle ani­ma­tions. A lit­tle like the David Macaulay books. […]

Opinion — Good Cop Have a Doughnut

This week­end was garage and barn tidy time. Which inevitably results in a trip to the local trans­fer sta­tion. Load up the flatbed trail­er and hitch it up to the adven­ture truck (don’t for­get to take a dog along!) and off we go. 40 min­utes lat­er we pull onto the scale at the trans­fer sta­tion and the […]

Jim’s DS Box

So here’s what Jim want­ed me to make him. A box for his Nin­ten­do. It’s sim­i­lar to the fold­ing box. In fact it start­ed out like the fold­ing box but then I closed up the sides so that it would be eas­i­er to use the DS while it was still in the box. (Hence the drop […]


A few months ago I moved some things — includ­ing the files for this blog — around on the servers. It all seemed to go just fine — until… I upgrad­ed the word­press installs. All the old­er image links broke. Luck­i­ly I fig­ured out just how they broke. It’s tak­en a cou­ple of hours but all the images and links in […]

Is Google the Next Microsoft?

I was upgrad­ing Word­Press installs this morn­ing and found this in the drafts fold­er of my old blog Mag­pie’s Shiny Things. Is Google the Next Microsoft Yeah, prob­a­bly, so what? The mar­ket demands that there be an easy, no brain­er, can’t pos­si­bly get in trou­ble for choos­ing solu­tion for the vast major­i­ty. Tools need to be […]


This pho­to of Wood­inville-Duvall Road through the Sno­qualmie val­ley was sent to Jim by Jer­ry one of the fel­lows in SVARC. The “un-offi­­cial” ver­sion is that it will take 4 days to fix. We sur­mise that it’s dam­age to the road sur­face and not to the under­ly­ing bridge struc­ture because the traf­fic cam­era showed an ambulance […]