Is Google the Next Microsoft?

I was upgrad­ing Word­Press installs this morn­ing and found this in the drafts fold­er of my old blog Mag­pie’s Shiny Things.

Is Google the Next Microsoft

Yeah, prob­a­bly, so what?

The mar­ket demands that there be an easy, no brain­er, can’t pos­si­bly get in trou­ble for choos­ing solu­tion for the vast majority.

Tools need to be one stop shop­ping, easy stan­dard­iza­tion and all from a sin­gle source — If you buy all MSFT prod­ucts they work togeth­er (most­ly.) If you use all Google web apps they work togeth­er (not yet but Google under­stands how impor­tant this is.)

Just like in the past (and present) every­one else had to offer the abil­i­ty to read and write to the MSFT file for­mats in their appli­ca­tions every­one else on the web will have to do so the same with the new Google apps.

So Google will be the next 800 pound goril­la and the sun will con­tin­ue to rise in the east. (Unless of course MSFT gets it act togeth­er and man­ages to get Live real­ly work­ing.) And we, the mass­es, will learn that Google is not a benign grand­fa­ther­ly enti­ty that opens doors to the won­ders of the ‘net.

Not much changes, if I were writ­ing this 20 years ago the ques­tion would be Microsoft is it the next IBM.

The answer is more clear­ly yes today than it was in Sept 2007 when I wrote this.

I will be reviv­ing MST. Some­how adding my thoughts on Web Devel­op­ment to a blog meant to be read by fam­i­ly and friends who want to com­pare the state of our var­i­ous flower beds and sewing projects seems well… odd.

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