Opinion — Good Cop Have a Doughnut

This week­end was garage and barn tidy time. Which inevitably results in a trip to the local trans­fer station.

Load up the flatbed trail­er and hitch it up to the adven­ture truck (don’t for­get to take a dog along!) and off we go.

40 min­utes lat­er we pull onto the scale at the trans­fer sta­tion and the cheer­ful lady looks us over and says “Hey you just slid right in here did­n’t you. Nice job with cov­er­ing your load.” and I’m think­ing well duh.

  • First thought- it’s the law that you have to cov­er your load and
  • Sec­ond though — yeah I know no-one else does it but I don’t feel like being that kind of asshole.


  • Oh, third thought com­ing up here. That state troop­er that we saw sit­ting at the corner…

covered load

That’s right — tak­ing advan­tage of the first nice week­end of the year to do a lit­tle lurk­ing out­side the trans­fer sta­tion tick­et­ing the Escalade and Avalance dri­vers for uncov­ered loads.

Note that here in the pro­gres­sive Pacif­ic North­west we do not have “dumps” we have trans­fer sta­tions. Because we sure as hell aren’t keep­ing our trash here. Also note that irony of the fact that we who live in the mid­dle of nowhere must dri­ve into Kirk­land (trendy mid­town) to get rid of our junk.

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