This pho­to of Wood­inville-Duvall Road through the Sno­qualmie val­ley was sent to Jim by Jer­ry one of the fel­lows in SVARC. The “un-offi­cial” ver­sion is that it will take 4 days to fix. We sur­mise that it’s dam­age to the road sur­face and not to the under­ly­ing bridge struc­ture because the traf­fic cam­era showed an ambu­lance cross­ing ear­li­er this morning.

woodinveill-duvall road 09 jan 2009
wood­inville-duvall road 09 jan 2009

W‑D road rarely clos­es due to flood­ing. Now we’ll have to wait for 124th to open. Which could be days yet.

At 11:30(ish) this morn­ing the traf­fic cam­eras on 124th (south of town) showed:

from the roundabout facing west across the valley
124th from the 203 round­about fac­ing west 
from west snoqualmie valley road facing east
124th from west sno­qualmie val­ley road fac­ing east

Live cam­era cov­er­age for the mor­bid­ly nat­ur­al dis­as­ter obcessed here:

Traf­fic cam­era of W‑D Road here. (It’s off-line at the moment 11:22 am)

Traf­fic cam­era of 124th (our next best hope) here fac­ing east across the val­ley and here fac­ing west.

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