It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 2

There were no dams today. There’s a fab­u­lous one on tap for first thing tomor­row but my plans to shoot at sun­set were over­whelmed by my need for din­ner, a show­er, and sleep. What there was today was US 12 which fol­lows the Clear­wa­ter Riv­er between Lewis­ton ID and Hele­na MT. Total­ly won­der­ful. Except for the […]

It’s a Dam Big Country — Day 3

A late start this morn­ing. First up the Canyon Fer­ry dam about 20 miles south­east of Hele­na MT. The lake behind it is huge and full of boats and fish­ing and stuff. From the ‘front’ it’s not a very impres­sive dam. To reach the vis­i­tors’ cen­ter (closed) and an entire sub­urb of Hele­na you dri­ve across the dam. It […]

It’s a Dam Big Country — Day 6

I’m tak­ing a day off from dri­ving. I arrived in Pano­ra, IA yes­ter­day after­noon much in need of rest. I’ve done laun­dry, washed my car, sort­ed some pic­tures, played with my moth­er-in-law’s dog, and eat­en way too much. It’s all good. Here’s were I was and what I did Tues­day the 19th (Day 6). I start­ed the […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 7

I think I should decide whether it’s a big dam or a dam big coun­try… Today was a rest day (on the sev­enth day and all that) I spent some time explor­ing Pano­ra. There’s a neat lit­tle his­toric vil­lage. The orig­i­nal rail­road depot was moved down here when the rail­road left in the 60s.  Here’s a glance […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 8

Most­ly dri­ving today. A few inter­est­ing detours. Some planned some not. I left Pano­ra around 9. Made my way to West Des Moines via some love­ly park­ways to nowhere. Found a Barnes and Noble with a Star­bucks and got an iced lat­te. Offi­cial­ly sum­mer now. Tried to plan a rea­son­able route for gen­er­al east­er­li­ness and failed. […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 9

I’m get­ting a lit­tle ner­vous about mak­ing my date in Pitts­burgh. Today I did 350 miles. The first 200 miles took 6 hours. The last 150 miles about 2.  So here are the high­lights of the first 200 miles. I start­ed on the west side of Decatur and head­ed through town on Hwy 36. At the cen­ter of the old­er section […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 10

A day late — because the inter­net con­nec­tion isn’t con­sis­tent. Final­ly home. Old home that is. I rode the inter­state from Colum­bus to Pitts­burgh. The first unbro­ken inter­state stretch of this trip. Ugh. I just want­ed to be here (Pitts­burgh) rather than there (Colum­bus) as fast as pos­si­ble. No road pic­tures today. Instead a few shots from around […]