It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 7

I think I should decide whether it’s a big dam or a dam big coun­try…

Today was a rest day (on the sev­en­th day and all that)

I spent some time explor­ing Panora.

There’s a neat lit­tle his­toric vil­lage. The orig­i­nal rail­road depot was moved down here when the rail­road left in the 60s. 

railroad depot panora, ia

rail­road depot panora, ia

Here’s a glance through the lug­gage room door.

a bit of the past

a bit of the past

There’s a nice caboose (Mil­wau­kee Line liv­ery.)

milwaukee line caboose

mil­wau­kee line caboose

The door is open and you can have look inside. This is the desk area.

small desk in the caboose

small desk in the caboose

On the west edge of town is the Rac­coon River. There are two dams on the Rac­coon near Panora. Most com­mon­ly known as the Big Dam and the Lit­tle Dam. With all of the trees in full leaf there is no way to get a look at the Big Dam except from a boat on the lake.

The Lit­tle Dam on the oth­er hand is acces­si­ble from both sides of the river at the park.

My moth­er-in-law remem­bers play­ing there as a child and spend­ing time ‘park­ing’ near the dam as a teenager. There was less water flow­ing over the dam then and it was com­mon to dri­ve a car out onto the dam and wash it.

dam on the raccoon river

dam on the rac­coon river

The dam was orig­i­nal­ly built from logs. They’re still under there. 

close to the water

close to the water

The last place I went was to the ceme­tery. Some of the graves date from the 1850’s.

the panora cemetery

the panora ceme­tery

Memo­ri­al day is next week­end and peo­ple are start­ing to tidy up and dec­o­rate the graves. 

older section of the cemetery

old­er sec­tion of the ceme­tery

Much of my MIL’s fam­i­ly is buried here as are Jim’s grand­par­ents.

harlold and may harriger

har­lold and may har­riger

Bonus Memo­ri­al Day link — from Aidair IA (down the road about 30 miles)
The 11th annu­al ver­sion of a giant paint­ed rock ded­i­cat­ed to US vets.