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June was a bad month for game cam­eras. One of the Brown­ings died — no idea why. And the replace­ment Bush­nells are tak­ing some time to get set up the way we want them. Still there were a cou­ple of inter­est­ing sight­ings and good pictures.

Things we see dur­ing the day:

two up on the huckleberry
two up on the way out

We’ve seen both the res­i­dent does —  skin­ny neck and ragged ear. There’s also a lit­tle buck­ling but he’s not show­ing up on the cam­eras yet.

skinny neck
skin­ny neck
ragged ear
ragged ear

There are two coyotes:
We’re still learn­ing to tell them apart. One has very dis­tinct col­oration on his face. The oth­er is not so dra­mat­i­cal­ly marked.

coyote #1
first there is this in the sep­tic field — blur­ry as heck
coyote number 2
30 sec­onds lat­er on the pas­ture road (the female?)
this is the male — I think.

Things we see at night:
The deer of course.

deer in the night
deer in the night

and our only shots of the coy­ote pair together.

two fer
coy­ote pair going up the driveway
scary eyes!
coy­ote pair com­ing back down the driveway

Equal­ly flashy but not so scary.

to up on the way back from Lyle Lovett
That’s some flash gear.
trash night in the sticks
not so wildlife
after concert stroll
an evening walk in the rain

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