Part way through disassembly…

Well, I am part way through the dis­as­se­bly of our Hon­da 305 Dream project. Some has gpne pret­ty smooth­ly, a few bits are being obsti­nate. One of the easy parts was the cool alu­mini­um carb cover:

the carb cov­er is intact and in decent shape.

the right hand engine cov­er is being obsti­nate, the screws are rust­ed and only 4 have bro­ken loose so far, and i’m puttin’ the hurt on my impact dri­ver bit. I did get the alter­na­tor cov­er off, and what i found was­n’t real­ly good news:

uh-oh, i think we’ve had some water in here…

After I saw this, I did drain the oil and there was near­ly a quart in the engine, so it has­n’t been *emp­ty* for all these years, but it might not be re-build­able. soon, i’ll get the engine out and apart and we’ll see.

Here’s the pile of parts that have come off so far:

head­ers, seat, bat­tery hold­er, etc. not in per­fect shape, but usable.


So the chal­lenges right now are: how to get the frozen rear brake back­ing plate out of the rear hub, and how to get the foot­pegs off so i can take the engine out of the frame. Sug­ges­tions are wel­come, as always!



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