New Tools, Continuing Upholstry and No More Room

I got tools from Rio Grande this after­noon. Clock­wise from the top. Ring man­drel — very pleased with the qual­i­ty and heft. Par­al­lel pli­ers — thank you Sarah L. for get­ting me addict­ed to those expen­sive lit­tle dears. Raw hide mal­let for bang­ing on met­al. Ring clamp for hold­ing onto things and not sand­ing my fin­gers, and a pair […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Final

Some inter­est­ing num­bers and ran­dom obser­va­tions: Total miles: 6804 Gal­lons of gas: 257 Aver­age price/gallon: $2.69 Aver­age MPG: 26.47 (i’m skep­ti­cal but con­sid­er­ing the cruise con­trol was in use for most of the non-pho­­to-op dri­ving it could be pos­si­ble.) Hotels: 14 Pho­tographs: 3133 Spent on road food: $376.86 Blog Posts: 22 (not count­ing the chick­en […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 23

From Minot, ND to Glas­gow, MT. Cool, over­cast. It didn’t actu­al­ly rain but it was very threat­en­ing. Hwy 2 is often an inter­est­ing road in that it varies between two-lane and new­ly divid­ed four-lane. This occa­sion­al­ly leads to con­fus­ing lane strip­ing on the por­tion that used to be two-lane. I stopped at the Wal-Mart in […]

It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 21

Spent much of today vac­il­lat­ing between ‘I want to be home right now — how fast can i get there?’ and ‘the inter­state is killing me — how much extra time will it take?’ Some­where around Sergeant’s Bluff IA I had the motorists’ equiv­a­lent of a flash­back freak-out and took the first north bound turn off of I-29. That […]