It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 22

Oh my, it’s a windy damn coun­try. Blow­ing hard enough that the upwind car door is almost too heavy to open. Yipes.

I was plan­ning on two dams today but only made one. Saw a lot of oth­er stuff instead.

All along the roads there are trees plant­ed as wind breaks and plant­ed in between the trees area lilacs. Like these:

all colors from white to deep purple
all col­ors from white to deep pur­ple

This set was locat­ed at Hwy 46 and 151st Ave SE.

very nice signage
very nice sig­nage

This is 151st Ave SE. If you’ve been to our place you get the joke.

just like home
just like home

Near the town of Ender­lin I found this church up on blocks in some­one’s front yard.

better than the neighbors' impala
bet­ter than the neigh­bors’ impala
arty shot of the day
arty shot of the day

Ender­lin is a major hub for the Cana­di­an Pacif­ic Rail­road.

push me - pull you
push me — pull you

There’s a nice city park right next to the rail yard. I stopped for lunch and found this lit­tle guy look­ing for a drink.

looking for a drink
look­ing for a drink

Chat­ted with the UPS guy about the wind. I have noth­ing to com­plain about — I’m not dri­ving a big brown box.

After lunch I moved on the dam of the day.

The Jamestown Dam is small­er than most I’ve vis­it­ed. It’s a Bureau of Recla­ma­tion dam that pro­vides flood con­trol on the James riv­er.

jamestown dam
jamestown dam

There’s an out­let on the far side.

downstream side
down­stream side

The parks next to the dam includ­ed a des­ig­nat­ed kite fly­ing field. It thought it was a mod­el air­plane field when I first saw it.

flying field sign
fly­ing field sign

There’s an open field and a line of pic­nic tables. All nice­ly land­scaped.

wings on strings home ground
wings on strings home ground

I’m in Minot for the night. On to the con­flu­ence of the Mis­souri and Yel­low­stone rivers in the morn­ing. Because, damn it, the uni­verse owes me a con­flu­ence. Then the Fort Peck Dam.

Ran­dom Notes:

The sound track from Grosse Point Blank is excel­lent dri­ving music.

Trav­el­ing Light should be on the Road Trip Music List. But which ver­sion?

Hav­ing a turkey vul­ture strafe your car is much scari­er than hav­ing a pheas­ant run out in front of you. Also turkey vul­tures have big feet.

Today’s Route:

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