TGIF — Pierced ‘Single Tree’ Ring

The ring I was work­ing on for JM1 at Pratt is final­ly done.

single tree ring
sin­gle tree ring 

The shiny grey-black on the top of the ring is liv­er of sul­fur pati­na heav­i­ly worked with a brass brush. I got as lit­tle of the LoS onto the ring band as pos­si­ble and it only took a few min­utes with sand paper to knock it back to a nice brushed silver.

The front has been slight­ly recessed by push­ing it down over a large dap­ping punch. I want­ed to pre­vent the fine strips between the branch­es from get­ting caught on cloth­ing etc.

slightly dished front surface
slight­ly dished front surface

I am par­tic­u­lar­ly pleased with how the tex­tur­ing on the dome has sur­vived the con­struc­tion process.

textured dome and brushed band
tex­tured dome and brushed band

I’m pleased with it. It’s awk­ward to wear for every­day because the top dome sits so far above my fin­ger. I’d like to make anoth­er one with the dome set down into the ring band. Maybe next quarter.

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