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Hand Recursive and Finger Hat.

Slack­ing on the income earn­ing front and doing art instead.

Two com­plet­ed pieces:

Hands Gothic Arch

Hand recur­sive.

I fin­ished this one a cou­ple of weeks ago. It was my first try in this shape.

Finger Hat

Fin­ger Hat

A 4X4 on heavy water­col­or paper. Images from needle­work mag­a­zines, but­tons from heav­en only knows where and a bit of type from my vast col­lec­tion of fonts.

One Finished and One Not-So-Much

Work on the bal­loon sell­er pic­ture is com­plete. You can see a full-size dig­i­tal ver­sion here.

(no small ver­sion today — can’t get it to resize cor­rect­ly — maybe tomor­row)

The image in the gallery is a dig­i­tal ver­sion that I made for Jim to use on his desk­top. It mim­ics the effect of being print­ed on Arch­es 140 CP water­col­or paper by using a col­ored back­ground and an applied tex­ture. It’s much clos­er to the actu­al print­ed ver­sion that I can get with a cam­era.

Anoth­er of the Oax­a­ca pic­tures that I’ve been work­ing with is not so com­plete.

I start­ed with this pic­ture of the old pow­er house in Vista Her­mosa that is now the Taller de Arte Papel Oax­a­ca. (Art paper work­shop — mak­ers of very cool hand­made papers.)

jim’s original photo of the power house

The block­ing for the piece isn’t great on screen:

murky art work

It prints as an even murki­er mess. I think the prob­lem is los­ing the detail in the shad­ows in the foliage. I’m going to leave well enough alone for a while and work on some oth­er images. I like this one too much to just aban­don it but I’m not mak­ing any progress for the moment.

Elise’s Box

I made a box for my friend Elise. She want­ed some­thing to keep her needle­work sup­plies in — Some­thing that she could leave on the liv­ing room cof­fee table.

spine side of Elise's box.fron of Elise's box

This spine box is 9 x7 x 2 12. The box is made of Dav­ey board and cov­ered in an Ital­ian paper. The spine and inner lid lin­er are book cloth and the bot­tom of the box is lined with cork paper.

Interior of Elise's box

All told it takes me about 6 hours to make a box like this if haven’t made one in that par­tic­u­lar size before. If I’ve already worked out the cut dimen­sions (and remem­bered to write them down) I can build one of these in about 4 hours. That doesn’t count the dry­ing times. Because I cut my PVA with methyl cel­lu­lose the dry­ing time is about dou­ble that of straight PVA. I find it worth while to get a longer “open” time. It does slow down con­struc­tion though as I have to wait at least an hour — bet­ter two for pieces to be dry enough to be han­dled.

Stenciling a Three Panel Screen, Part II

More on the screen for Jim’s office.

Once the sten­cil had had chance to dry I took the fab­ric pan­els off the screen (yeay vel­cro.) I didn’t do any prep work on the fab­ric  —  poly(?) can­vas. The paint will stick well enough and I don’t expect to try to wash the pan­els. By the time they’re dirty I’ll be bored with them and want to do some­thing else.

To hold the fab­ric steady I clipped it to the thick foam core boards that I use to stretch water­col­or paper. I mea­sured for a rough place­ment for the image and then eye­balled the fine align­ment.

I used brown paint (oil bar) and a large sten­cil brush. Because the sten­cil was paper coat­ed with lin­seed oil I couldn’t use the repo­si­tion­able adhe­sive that I use on plas­tic sten­cils. I used a lit­tle tape in each cor­ner and then worked care­ful­ly hold­ing the lit­tle tabs and bits down with my fin­gers as I paint­ed. It’s messy and a lit­tle slow but worked quite well.

Here’s one of the pan­els fin­ished and propped up for dry­ing.

single panel

sin­gle pan­el

I had planned to use two images on each screen. One fac­ing each direc­tion. So I start­ed with the two crows fac­ing left. Two pan­els have the crows in the top half and one has the crow in the bot­tom half. Then I would clean the sten­cil and flip it for the rest.

Oil paint takes a while to dry and I need­ed the flat space­back in my stu­dio so I hung the pan­els back on the screen. Fig­ur­ing that I’d take them down lat­er this week and do the rest of the sten­cil­ing.

panels drying

pan­els dry­ing

Oh nev­er mind — FINISHED!

And here’s my cel­e­bra­to­ry drink.



Lil­let over ice and orange slices. The ice cubes are shaped like stars!

TGIF — Pierced ‘Single Tree’ Ring

The ring I was work­ing on for JM1 at Pratt is final­ly done.

single tree ring

sin­gle tree ring

The shiny grey-black on the top of the ring is liv­er of sul­fur pati­na heav­i­ly worked with a brass brush. I got as lit­tle of the LoS onto the ring band as pos­si­ble and it only took a few min­utes with sand paper to knock it back to a nice brushed sil­ver.

The front has been slight­ly recessed by push­ing it down over a large dap­ping punch. I want­ed to pre­vent the fine strips between the branch­es from get­ting caught on cloth­ing etc.

slightly dished front surface

slight­ly dished front sur­face

I am par­tic­u­lar­ly pleased with how the tex­tur­ing on the dome has sur­vived the con­struc­tion process.

textured dome and brushed band

tex­tured dome and brushed band

I’m pleased with it. It’s awk­ward to wear for every­day because the top dome sits so far above my fin­ger. I’d like to make anoth­er one with the dome set down into the ring band. Maybe next quar­ter.

TGIF — Shrine I

After a long time sit­ting on the table in 5 or 6 pieces the Guadalupe/Sirena shrine has final­ly come togeth­er.

I nev­er did find a place for the rose petals.

Shrine I - Guadalupe, Sirena, and the Chicken Boy

Shrine I — Guadalupe, Sire­na, and the Chick­en Boy

A cou­ple of details.

My hand col­ored and glit­tered Vir­gin­si­ta.

detail - guadalupe

detail — guadalupe

The odd­ly appeal­ing Chick­en Boy.

detail - chicken riding boy

detail — chick­en rid­ing boy