Elise’s Box

I made a box for my friend Elise. She want­ed some­thing to keep her needle­work sup­plies in — Some­thing that she could leave on the liv­ing room cof­fee table.

spine side of Elise's box.fron of Elise's box

This spine box is 9 x7 x 2 12. The box is made of Dav­ey board and cov­ered in an Ital­ian paper. The spine and inner lid lin­er are book cloth and the bot­tom of the box is lined with cork paper.

Interior of Elise's box

All told it takes me about 6 hours to make a box like this if haven’t made one in that par­tic­u­lar size before. If I’ve already worked out the cut dimen­sions (and remem­bered to write them down) I can build one of these in about 4 hours. That does­n’t count the dry­ing times. Because I cut my PVA with methyl cel­lu­lose the dry­ing time is about dou­ble that of straight PVA. I find it worth while to get a longer “open” time. It does slow down con­struc­tion though as I have to wait at least an hour — bet­ter two for pieces to be dry enough to be handled.

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