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Gizmo the wonder pup. The Bouvier des Flandres.

Hello, my name is Gizmo.

This is my baby picture.

I will, no doubt pay for this when he's 3 years old.

too damned cute for school

Lara took it a couple of weeks ago when she and Jim came to visit us. No doubt when I am older I will wish that I hadn’t posted it here. But for now I hope you enjoy it and all of the others.

Here’s some video of us playing tug.

Pups play with tug toy from larisa harriger on Vimeo.

We sent hours playing and chasing each other and having our pictures taken. Boy were we all tired by the time the sun was going down.

who requested turn-down service?

all fall down

In a couple of weeks I’ll be at my new home on the west side of the mountains where it is cooler and there is a lot more grass. I’ll have to share the house with some cats, but there will only be one other dog and there will be interesting animals in the pasture and new places to go and new people to meet. I think it will be fun. And maybe a little scary. I’m sure my folks will take good care of me.

Going Home

July 21st. The big day.

He was just waiting for us to come for him.

yup, it's me.

Just Waiting for You to Say the Word

There was some play time. All the youngsters getting in on it. There’s a pile of chew toys under there somewhere.

all those puppy butts!

Puppy Playtime

Susan showed us a little of what the boy could do. Here he’s starting a Down.

um, it's going to where?

Down, Following a Treat

He sits so very hard. As if sheer determination will get bigger, better cookies.

i'm sitting, i'm sitting, i'm sitting


It was a long ride home. Gizmo gets car sick. He’s a pretty good sport about it, but it’s not how he likes to spend the day.

Once home he had a good run around the work yard and got some treats.

really? aren't all four paws supposed to be on the ground?

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Met the old dog.

hey, what's that big floppy thing you brought home?

Meeting Dee-Dee

Posed for a nice portrait. My Two Dudes


Jim and Gizmo

Had a really wild run from the barn to the rock wall and back and forth chasing Jim.


Running Laps

He can really get the ears and lips and tongue flying.


Definitely Some Sort of UFO

Then got to wade in the bucket.


Buckets are for Wading…

drink it? nu huh.

Right? Oh, Drinking…

That wet dog look is one that we’re getting used to.

i wanted to be a water dog

All Wet

This isn’t going to be quite as cute in January. No, he isn’t going to give up playing in the buckets just because it’s 30 degrees outside instead of 90.



At the end of the day – at the end of almost every day. He smiles.

and I like your tile

Happy Puppy Smiles

Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

(edit – this is old. I mean, really. The puppy already lives with us. It’s utter chaos.)

I didn’t intend it to happen this way. I mean, I did intend to some day, perhaps not too long from now, get another Bouvier. But not right now. Except that right now is how it happened. Or will happen. Real Soon Now.

Ivan passed away on April 4th. Suddenly. It was all a bit dramatic and unpleasant and, well, unfortunate. So I wrote to Susan to let her know. And then it all happened. There were puppies. And one male unspoken for. And Jim and I talked about it and… and…

in the words of my friend S. Puppy, puppy, puppy. She’s also the one who said, omg _eyebrows_

So here we are with a puppy in-bound and I gave away all of my baby gates to people with actually babies and the ex-pens last held sheep and the crates are broken down and stored in the barn and the old lady dog will not know what happened to her quiet, orderly, boring life.

We visited last weekend. They were 71/2 weeks old and goofy and adorable in the way that Bouvier puppies are. I have pictures and video to prove it.



Pool Time

Gizmo was born in Yakima. It’s hot in Yakima. He learned to love playing in a wading pool.

Lately we’ve had some almost Eastern Washington temperatures. So we’ve gotten our own wading pool out.

1st Away Game

before we can switch from puppy nose work (cookies and boxes) Gizmo needs to do 6 searches away from home or the training facility.

this is location one. the park next to the train depot and the police station in Duvall. we did two searches one along the path and one along the rock wall. shown here.


2nd Away Game

after obedience class. no he’s not very good at it. an before a boring car rode to lynnwood to retrieve a forgotten credit card we did a quick 2 searches on a loading dock behind the Barnes and noble in Woodinville. we had an audience for the second search. G was unimpressed.