It’s a Big Dam Country — Day 16

Lawrence­burg Indi­ana to Louisville Kentucky. 

Start­ed the day late but I only had one dam on the list and the dis­tance to Louisville from Lawrence­burg isn’t much.

But first a stop for some buz­zard pic­tures. A deer car­cass on the shoul­der had 5 or 6 birds already work­ing on it. A fur­ther 10 or so sat on the ridge of the two barns nearby. 

wating for a turn at the buffet
wat­ing for a turn at the buffet

I got a lucky shot of one of them leaving.

flying away
fly­ing away

So some­where out there, in the mid­dle of the sort of coun­try that hosts buz­zards on barn roofs you will crest a rise and see — this:
belterra "floating" casino and hotel

One of the infa­mous “float­ing” casi­nos. Sigh.

Mark­land Locks and Dam spans the Ohio Riv­er between Flo­rence and Mark­land Indiana. 

I start­ed on the Indi­ana side look­ing at the down­stream side of the dam.

downstream view
down­stream view

Then crossed the bridge to the Ken­tucky side to see what I could see. There’s an obser­va­tion tow­er over­look­ing the locks.

tall enough to see over the fence
tall enough to see over the fence

For all the barge traf­fic that is sup­posed to exist on the Ohio Riv­er I have only seen two. Both glimpsed through the trees as I was dri­ving. I hoped to see a barge go through the locks. No such luck. I did get to watch this lit­tle fish­ing boat make it’s way through. 

plenty of maneuvering room
plen­ty of maneu­ver­ing room

First they close the gate at the upstream end of the lock. The boat goes in and ties up.

first you close the top
first you close the top

Then the water lev­el starts to drop. I don’t know how they move the water out. There was no obvi­ous outflow.

it doesn't matter how small
where does the water go out?

Final­ly they open the gate at the down­stream side of the lock.

and out they go
and away they go

I got shots of anoth­er of the main­te­nance boats. This time much clos­er but with the dang fence in the way. This one is named Gibson.

the gibson
the gib­son

At most of the dams there has been a cer­tain amount of trash washed up against the dam. Most­ly tree branch­es. At Mark­land there was tons of trash. Ugly mess.

that's a lot of trash
that’s a lot of trash

That was the only dam for the day. It was last thing I’ll see on the riv­er for awhile. About thir­ty miles form Mark­land at Madi­son Indi­ana the roads in both states take a turn way from the riv­er. From there down to Cairo there only a few places where the through roads fol­low the riv­er. I’m not sure how I’ll han­dle the rest of the trip down the Ohio Riv­er. If I con­tin­ue to try to fol­low the riv­er at all. 

I did find a num­ber of odd­i­ties on the rest of my drive.

This is the first barn I’ve seen with an adver­tise­ment for some­thing oth­er than Mail Pouch tobac­co. Still tobac­co though. Ken­tucky Club. There’s also a Mail Pouch ad on the oth­er side. Not sure how the own­er man­aged that.

two tobacco sign on one barn
two tobac­co sign on one barn

Con­tin­u­ing the theme of boats parked in the grass, three tugs up on blocks. The Susie B, the Elsie B, and one whose name I could­n’t find.

more boats on blocks
more boats on blocks

I’ll end with three shots from Louisville.

A cre­ative way to paint those lit­tle poles in park­ing lots. There was an entire row of them.

la aroma de cuba
la aro­ma de cuba

The barista who made my life sav­ing cof­fee last night. I promised to put him in the blog.

live saver!
live saver!

The coolest BBQ wag­on I’ve seen in a long time. There was no one in res­i­dence so I could­n’t ask ques­tions about it. (Love that it has a smok­er too.)

rolling BBQ!
rolling BBQ!

There won’t be much to post this week­end. I hope to get to McAlpine locks and the dam behind Falls of the Ohio on Sun­day. I’ll be back on the road on Mon­day. No plan for which direc­tion I’ll be head­ing just yet.

Today’s Route:

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