Experiments — Wire Wrapped Cabochons

I’ve been work­ing with wire the past cou­ple of weeks. One fas­ci­na­tion is how to use wire to cap­ture cabo­chons. I bought a bag of small glass cabs that remind me of can­dy. By using light weight craft wire I’ve been able to cre­ate some inter­est­ing cages.

Here are two:

wire wrappings
wire wrap­pings

The blue does­n’t seem to have enough wire wrapped around it’s front but it does­n’t shift. So maybe you don’t have to use quite so much wire as I did on the green one. Though the exces­sive­ly snaky look is kind of cool.

I built these using a square of wire on the back and join­ing a much longer piece of wire with coils. The tight­en­ing the loose front wires by putting bends in them. Think tight­en­ing fences.

back of the wire wrapping
back of the wire wrapping

It’s all a bit of a spaghet­ti dis­as­ter while I’m try­ing to get the two peices of wire attached to each oth­er. Maybe it will get eas­i­er with practice.

There is also the ques­tion of how to make the top/bail tidy.

First though I have an idea for mak­ing the front wires into a star…

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