Bird Feeders Are Now Up

Yes­ter­day I hung the bird feed­ers for the first time this fall. One hulled seed tube and one this­tle tube at the edge of the front yard next to a thick­et of ever­green trees. An ide­al spot.

bird feeders hung in the front yard
bird feed­ers hung in the front yard

I had put off fill­ing the large sun­flower seed feed­er (off to the left and not vis­i­ble in these pic­tures) in the hopes that the lit­tle birds would have a chance to dis­cov­er that the feed­ers were up before the jays descend­ed. That did­n’t quite work out the way I had hoped.

first feeder visitors
first feed­er visitors

I know the lit­tle birds are out there wait­ing — I have seen them bustling in and out of the trees behind the feed­ers. Soon, soon…

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