Sewing — Pink Boucle Purse

My first exper­i­ment in build­ing a struc­tured purse.

I used the Dorothy/Evelyn pat­tern from Emma Bren­nan’s Mak­ing Vin­tage Bags. Charm­ing bags and good instruc­tions — a love­ly book.

The pink boucle fab­ric jumped off the shelf at me in JoAn­n’s one after­noon. It seemed like some­thing that should be made into a Chanel jack­et but I can’t wear that much pink and I have no occa­sion to wear a “suit” so…

pink boucle purse
pink boucle purse

I already had the lin­ing, and the but­ton was in the mis­cel­la­neous box. I had though I want­ed a pink vel­vet bow — there’s one in the book — but find­ing pink short pile vel­vet turned out to be a fool’s errand. So the aqua but­ton stepped in. I think it works well.

lining and magnetic snap
lin­ing and mag­net­ic snap 

The exper­i­men­tal part was the inter­fac­ing. I want­ed struc­ture so I used a heavy craft weight inter­fac­ing Pel­lon — Pel­tex 70. Imag­ing some­thing that is almost like pack­ing felt — and real­ly stiff. It’s easy enough to work with, and gives a nice plump feel­ing to the purse and keeps the body from col­laps­ing but… it’s wonky. I could­n’t fig­ure out just how or why but the result was not pleasing.

buckling on the top edge
buck­ling on the top edge

Leave it to the DH to make sense of my intu­itions. The prob­lem is sim­i­lar to “oil-can­ning” in sheet met­al. Sort of… (You can find the wierdest stuff on the internet!)

In this case the prob­lem is that the Pel­met does not roll grace­ful­ly, it buck­les instead, giv­ing the wonky top edge that I did­n’t like.

After mess­ing about with a piece of left­over Pel­met I’ve con­clud­ed that there is no way to make it roll smooth­ly over a radius as small as the top edge of a clutch. I can see where I would want to use Pel­met for some­thing like a buck­et tote, or the sides of a bol­ster clutch but it isn’t the right mate­r­i­al for this project.

Ho hum, on to the next one…

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