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Favorite Objects

These are match box­es. I buy them in Oax­a­ca Mex­i­co. The actu­al­ly come with match­es in them. Though I have to throw them out before I try to bring the box­es home.

I got these two box­es in Cora­zon Zapote­ca in Alcala street in Oax­a­ca. Both are approx­i­mate­ly 2 12 x 4 12 innhes.

La Sire­na is one of the cards in the game of Lote­ria.

la sirena loteria card on a match box

The Vir­gin of Guadalupe is every­where in Mex­i­co.

virgin of guadalupe on a match box

TGIF — Gothic Arches

Two new/old goth­ic arch­es. I found these while I was purg­ing the work­ing projects piles. They aren’t much to look at being just a cou­ple of exper­i­ments with back­ground cre­ation tech­niques.

The birds and flow­ers was based on a piece of paper tow­el that I had used as a wiper for water col­ors in anoth­er project. I added more col­or by drop­ping left­overs from the palette onto the tow­el and then let it run and dry with­out inter­fer­ence. Instead of cut­ting the back­ground out with scis­sors I used a fine point­ed brush and ran a bead of dark brown water­col­or around the shape I want­ed and when the tow­el was damp through both lay­ers I pulled the it apart along the water line. It made a nice tonal back­ground to which I added some wall paper cutouts and feath­er from my par­rot.


The bal­loons was an exper­i­ment in using ges­so in mak­ing back­grounds. I col­laged paper and then stamped images on the back­ground. When the inks had dried I put a thin lay­er of ges­so over the entire sur­face. I put cutouts and a bit of string on the top.

Ges­so does give an inter­est­ing tex­ture to what goes on top if it. Also a good deal of “tooth” if you want to work with some­thing like pas­tels or crayons. But I don’t think I’ll be using it much. It just makes every­thing too mut­ed.

The bor­ders are metal­lic pens that I had just bought. The red is a brush pen from Pen­tel. it takes a lot of coats to get a good cov­er­age. (Red and green ones are com­mon­ly on sale around Xmas.) The gold is Krylon’s gold leaf­ing pen. This one is worth hunt­ing for. A few tips. Shake before using — a lot. Run a test line of about 4 inch­es on scrap paper to get the ink flow­ing well. You’ll get a very con­sis­tent line after that. Work in a well ven­ti­lat­ed room — this thing stinks of it’s sol­vent. (Propy­lene Gly­col Monomethyl Ether.)

The cap­tion “Stolen Kiss­es Require an Accom­plice” is by Texas Bix Ben­der. (A name I could vote for.)

Elise’s Box

I made a box for my friend Elise. She want­ed some­thing to keep her needle­work sup­plies in — Some­thing that she could leave on the liv­ing room cof­fee table.

spine side of Elise's box.fron of Elise's box

This spine box is 9 x7 x 2 12. The box is made of Dav­ey board and cov­ered in an Ital­ian paper. The spine and inner lid lin­er are book cloth and the bot­tom of the box is lined with cork paper.

Interior of Elise's box

All told it takes me about 6 hours to make a box like this if haven’t made one in that par­tic­u­lar size before. If I’ve already worked out the cut dimen­sions (and remem­bered to write them down) I can build one of these in about 4 hours. That doesn’t count the dry­ing times. Because I cut my PVA with methyl cel­lu­lose the dry­ing time is about dou­ble that of straight PVA. I find it worth while to get a longer “open” time. It does slow down con­struc­tion though as I have to wait at least an hour — bet­ter two for pieces to be dry enough to be han­dled.

Reusable Grocery Bag

Every­body is doing it. Even here in the “bub­ble.” Using those ugly green reusable gro­cery bags.

reusable grocery bag

Heart­warm­ing eco-points 8. Style points 0.

I won’t even men­tion what they chose to fill it with for this image. Yuck!

I made this one yes­ter­day.
cloth reusable grocery/shopping bag

Heart­warm­ing eco-points 8. Style points 6. Maybe.

It’s still bet­ter than some vague­ly poly­ester green thing with a gro­cery store logo on it.

I made it using the Char­lie Bag pat­tern from Bur­das­Syle. At Bur­daStyle you can also find sev­er­al how-tos about mak­ing this bag using a serg­er, mak­ing the lined ver­sion (2 ways), and a gallery of bags made by bur­dastyle fans. (There are a cou­ple of stun­ners — like this one.

This is the first thing I’ve made from a Bur­daStyle pat­tern. It was an inter­est­ing but ulti­mate­ly sim­ple process. I’ll write more about bur­dastyle and their “print at home” pat­terns soon. Right now the sun is out and it’s Fri­day after­noon and I have a date with a sports car of my acquain­tance…

Words found Today

I’m a lit­tle behind in my read­ing and writ­ing.

I found a scrap of paper on my desk this after­noon. It says:

I am not wear­ing my good girl shoes.

I remem­ber laugh­ing hys­ter­i­cal­ly when I first read it but now can’t remem­ber where.

Oh well.


Word clouds are a fun way of find­ing out what’s real­ly on your (blog’s) mind. The Gen­er­a­tor Blog point­ed to Wor­dle this morn­ing and I’ve been hav­ing fun mak­ing clouds for var­i­ous blogs I read/write.

Here’s one based on ms. shoes:

ms, shoes to date (july 2008)

I think I spend a lit­tle too much time writ­ing about the chick­ens. Though I do like the idea that beads and dan­ger get about equal play in my life.