Trouble with Scanner

The great pho­to dig­i­tiz­ing project has hit a snag.

I start­ed work­ing on “fix­ing up” the pho­tos that I had scanned in last week. First up was this pic­ture of Jim’s par­ents Bill and Bet­ty on their wed­ding day. (Too cute, no?)

Bill and Betty Harriger wedding photo

A care­ful look at the orig­i­nal file (all 1040x768of it) revealed a nasty yel­low stripe down the left side.

nasty yellow stripe

I worked for while try­ing to build enough lay­ers and mask enough stuff and what ever to get rid of it. I’m not a graph­ics tool wiz­ard. I got tired and decid­ed to move on to anoth­er pho­to — some­thing in black and white.

bill harriger and betty reynolds

This one did­n’t need work. I was goof­ing around see­ing what I could do with it. And then I noticed it — a lit­tle *Yel­low Stripe* down the left hand side.

A bit of scrap­ing around and look­ing at some oth­er things that I had scanned recent­ly (like the HoMC pan­els) and there it was — that annoy­ing lit­tle stripe on the left edge of the images (on the right side of the scan­ner bed.) Damn…

edit­ed 25.june.2008 to cor­rect image links

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