new toys

I’ve been busy acquir­ing, set­ting up, and occa­sion­al­ly curs­ing a batch of new toys. The dread­ed yel­low line scan­ner has been evict­ed and in it’s place is a new Microtek i900. So far it and I are get­ting along pret­ty well. Though it’s a right hulk­ing bit of equip­ment. Can’t say as much for the software. […]

Trivia I Need

ColourLovers post­ed a list of all 120 Cray­ola cray­on col­ors and their (approx­i­mate) hex and RGB codes. The list was com­plied by Aaron at Col​orSchemer​.com. I am now going to waste sev­er­al hours cre­at­ing a cus­tom Pho­to­shop palette of these col­ors. Sigh. BTW When did the Cray­ola site change so much? I remem­ber it as […]


A few months ago I moved some things — includ­ing the files for this blog — around on the servers. It all seemed to go just fine — until… I upgrad­ed the word­press installs. All the old­er image links broke. Luck­i­ly I fig­ured out just how they broke. It’s tak­en a cou­ple of hours but all the images and links in […]


Word clouds are a fun way of find­ing out what’s real­ly on your (blog’s) mind. The Gen­er­a­tor Blog point­ed to Wor­dle this morn­ing and I’ve been hav­ing fun mak­ing clouds for var­i­ous blogs I read/write. Here’s one based on ms. shoes: I think I spend a lit­tle too much time writ­ing about the chick­ens. Though I […]

New Tools, Continuing Upholstry and No More Room

I got tools from Rio Grande this after­noon. Clock­wise from the top. Ring man­drel — very pleased with the qual­i­ty and heft. Par­al­lel pli­ers — thank you Sarah L. for get­ting me addict­ed to those expen­sive lit­tle dears. Raw hide mal­let for bang­ing on met­al. Ring clamp for hold­ing onto things and not sand­ing my fin­gers, and a pair […]

Garden Report — August 30

It’s been hot and dry for much of the sum­mer. That’s hard on the plants and I know that I’m going to have to move some things that haven’t han­dled the heat well come fall. Mean­while I’ve been replac­ing some of the things that we lost in last win­ter’s deep freeze. Rose­mary is some­thing that I […]

The Things You See in the Woods

For Christ­mas this year we got our­selves a cou­ple of game cama­ras so that we could get a bet­ter look at the ani­mals ( includ­ing neigh­bors) who are using the net­work of trails that goes through our woods. (Peo­ple out here in the West usu­al­ly call what we’ve got for­est. But I’m old school and […]