Stenciling the Laundry Room

I did this last month. (in one day)


I made about 20 test runs on white butch­er paper to find just the right col­or com­bi­na­tion. And set­tled on this:


And here’s all the stuff it took to get the paint onto the wall.

stencil supplies

The sten­cil is from Trim­belle Riv­er Stu­dios. The room does­n’t have much in the way of long walls so I did a lot of fudg­ing to make the motifs fit.
I used oil paint sticks and sten­cil­ing brush­es. (Shi­va: Olive Green, Yel­low Ochre, (and a lit­tle Barn Red) Windsor/Newton Man­ganese Blue.) First time I’ve worked with paint sticks. Because they have to be smushed onto a pal­lette before you pick up the paint on the brush it takes longer than sten­cil­ing with acrylics but I like the way the paint has dimen­sion on the wall and the fact that the col­ors are some­what transparent.

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