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Barn Swallows are Back

Each sum­mer we have sev­er­al nests of barn swal­lows.

Late last week I watched the first of the barn swal­lows fly across the pas­ture. This morn­ing I had the first evi­dence that house­keep­ing has start­ed.

One of the oldest/biggest nests is perched on top of the flood light over the feed room in the barn.

flood light over the feed room

flood light over the feed room

As you can see it’s a tight fit.

here's the nest perched on top of the light fizture

here’s the nest perched on top of the light fiz­ture

This morn­ing I found this lit­tle mess on the floor direct­ly under­neath the nest. It’s made up of hay loose­ly joined with mud and a plush lin­ing of chick­en feath­ers.

barn swallow nest

barn swal­low nest

chicken feathers used to line the nest

chick­en feath­ers used to line the nest

Usu­al­ly they just build a new lay­er on top of last years nest. I sus­pect this last top lay­er had to be evict­ed because there is no more room to build up.

We should see the females arrive soon.