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New Techniques

I’ve got a shiny new copy of Pho­to­shop CS3 and have been exper­i­ment­ing.

In Pho­to­shop Cre­ative Col­lec­tion v3 (no link avail­able) there’s a tech­nique that mim­ics pen and ink. Some­thing that is sim­i­lar to some water­col­or and ink work that I did a cou­ple of years ago.

I did the tuto­r­i­al and got this effect.

section of tutorial exercise

Which I liked well enough but I think the ink lines are a bit crude. Per­haps as a result of my not being a true ace with the graph­ics tablet, yet.

I’ve gone on to exper­i­ment with some oth­er images and am slow­ly devel­op­ing a ver­sion of the tech­nique that I like.

For some pieces I’m build­ing the col­or in Pho­to­shop and then print­ing the piece and ink­ing it my hand. I like the results I’m get­ting from print­ing on 140# cold press water­col­or paper. (Usu­al­ly the smoother side.) It takes ink from the inkjet well and the slight tex­ture gives the hand inked lines a nice vari­a­tion.

I’m also try­ing to find ways of cre­at­ing a black-line lay­er with­in Pho­to­shop. It’s tricky to get the over­lay to have enough infor­ma­tion to pick out the details of the image with­out over­whelm­ing the nice blocks and blobs of col­or that I work so hard to make.

balloon seller

This is part of a piece based on a pho­to­graph that my hus­band took in Oax­a­ca. I used a hand­ful of fil­ters to cre­ate the black over­lay. (I can go back and look them up if you want the gory details.)

I think this has promise.

Oh and if you were here with me look­ing out my win­dow you’d see this.

view out of my window

snow — Yikes!

30 Minutes with Photoshop

I have a desk­top wid­get that acts as a sideshows pho­to frame on my devel­op­ment machine. Hav­ing some­thing pleas­ant to stare at when my mind goes blank on a prob­lem is nice.

This morn­ing, dur­ing a par­tic­u­lar­ly intense “now how the hell is that sup­posed to work” spell the pho­to below came up.

big file of the original photo

fish foun­tain in Oax­a­ca

Click on the pho­to to see a much big­ger ver­sion of the orig­i­nal.

I like the pho­to but it was tak­en with my lit­tle point and shoot and has way too much depth of field. I real­ly don’t need to be able to iden­ti­fy the make and mod­el of the cars in the back ground. So I loaded it into Pho­to­shop and spent half and hour or so mak­ing a quick and dirty improve­ment. A lit­tle selec­tive select­ing and copy­ing. Then a cou­ple of rounds with the blur fil­ter and I got this.

a nicer version of the Fish Fountain photo

a nicer ver­sion of the Fish Foun­tain pho­to

Again click on the pho­to for a much larg­er ver­sion. Don’t look too close­ly though. The illu­sion of shal­low­er depth of field works fine in the 400 X 300 pix­el ver­sion above but you can see the seams between the lay­ers and some oth­er arti­facts in the larg­er ver­sion. Still for half an hour of futz­ing around I end­ed up with a much nicer pho­to to use on a web page.