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About your host: black­dog: I am a 50 year old guy who rode Observed Tri­als in my youth, until about the age of 30. Most of that com­pe­ti­tion was in the Port­land, OR area. I pret­ty much quit when I moved to the Seat­tle, WA area, and took up Kart Rac­ing. Had a ton of fun with that for about 7 years, then decid­ed to see about get­ting back on a tri­als bike. did that in 2004, first in the Inter­me­di­ate class, and now I’m mak­ing the move to Advanced. Read all about it!


  1. Brandon Hansen

    Jim!! Your BMW 1200C motor­cy­cle is a must have. I’d sure like to make one with a side car like yours. Do you have details on how you made it all come together?

  2. Bran­don,

    it was a pret­ty sub­stan­tial project, as you might expect. the two key things that made it hap­pen were the side­car ven­dor (Motor­va­tion) and the guy who fab­ri­cat­ed the sub­frame and side­car mounts. Motor­va­tion was great to work with, and worked with me to deliv­er the cus­tom paint job to match the bike; all i had to do was add the pin­stripes. i ordered the side­car, took deliv­er here in seat­tle, and then hauled it and the bike in a trail­er to Side-Effects in Kam­loops, BC. The own­er, Pete Smith, then built the sub­frame for the bike, mod­i­fied the front sus­pen­sion for eas­i­er steer­ing, and put the whole thing togeth­er. i rode it back to seat­tle, and did the fin­ish work, pin­strip­ing, match­ing tail-light, and mis­cel­la­neous wiring cleanup and addi­tion of the brook­lands windscreen. 

    best of luck on your project!

    jim har­riger

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