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New Cat

In the  spring I lost my faith­ful min­ion Trip. Ear­ly this sum­mer we added Peach to our menagerie.

Peach — typ­i­cal goofy expres­sion

As much as I love the big orange doo­fus, he’s just not min­ion mate­r­i­al. (Also, he prefers Jim’s com­pa­ny to mine. Curr.)

So… to rec­ti­fy the lack of a min­ion for the Mag­pie Cen­ter for World Dom­i­na­tion. We have added a sec­ond cat.

Meet Diesel. Most often known as Izzy.

Diesel — pon­der­ing the great out­doors

Peach and izzy­have learned to get along, sort of. There’s a lot of chas­ing and steal­ing the best sleep­ing spots going on. Until they’re both tired, then they set­tle down togeth­er on the back of the couch.

stop fol­low­ing me already

Playing Catch Up.

A new toy.


1966 Honda 305 Dream

The newest toy and our next project.


But before we can do any­thing about that…

We have to fix this.

Yeah, that’s pret­ty much half of the dash pulled out. Tomor­row night the oth­er half comes out. All because I don’t like cold feet.

um, that kinda exploded huh?

There are bits of this truck that are waaaay too far behind oth­er bits.


(Update to the update — Jim got it all done and but­toned back up on Sun­day. Good thing too, because there’s snow fore­cast for tonight.)

 A lazy cat.

lazy cat

Peach in his pref­ered win­ter spot.

Work — or not.


You can find it here.

I’m not actu­al­ly signed up. Because I’m chick­en shit and all that. Most­ly because I don’t write nov­els. At least not with any suc­cess. I write short sto­ries. And I plan to write 4 this month. It’s my own lit­tle ver­sion of NaNoW­riMo.

Getting It Home

We have friends, very help­ful friends. The kind who have bots that cruise Craigslist for inter­est­ing motor­cy­cles for sale. And then post the best ones to mail­ing lists with a plain­tive “Who’s going to buy this one?” append­ed. Yeah, those guys. So on a not so sun­ny Sun­day we went off to look at a Hon­da 305 Dream.

This is what we found in Sil­vana. It’s com­plete except for mir­rors, a bro­ken tail light lens, and a cou­ple of miss­ing badges. The pipes are wrong. The motor doesn’t turn, the rear wheel is frozen but the trans­mis­sion snicks nice­ly and the body parts are all present and account­ed for with no major dents or holes. Oh, and it came with a love­ly lit­tle flower on the han­dle bars.

It doesn't have mirrors but there's a nice flower on the handle bars.

The new toy. 1966 Hon­da 305 Dream.

So we got it loaded up on the back of the Defend­er. It got com­pli­cat­ed because we didn’t think about the non-fold­ing foot pegs. We had it half way up there and real­ized that we had to get the spare tire off of the back door. (But I love the hitch rail car­ri­er. No trail­er to back up next to this guy’s boat.)

just a little tighter

Loaded up and almost ready to trav­el.

Once home we had tha prob­lem of how to get a non-rolling bike off the rail and into the shop. Uh, yeah, we’ve got a trac­tor for that.

tractors - not just for manure!

This is how we (don’t) roll down here on the farm.

And there it is. Tucked in between the cut-offs box and the com­pres­sor wait­ing it’s turn.

new home

Warm and dry.

The engine num­ber is: CA 77E — 1004102. The body num­ber is: CA78 1004074. I tried to get a pic­ture  but there’s no way with­out start­ing dis­as­sem­bly and we can’t do that just yet.

CA 77E - 1004102

Engine Num­ber (roll-over)

There’s a lit­tle water here.


Bare­ly 5k on the clock.

Bonus: Jim got it on the lift Mon­day night. But it’s going to have to wait a week or two for any more atten­tion. The “Great Rover Heater Motor Fail­ure Right Before Win­ter Starts of 2011” has to be fixed first.

waiting patiently

On the Lift