Walkabout day 22: Saturday at Miller

Kin­da of a laid back day at the track. We walked around a lot, went on the pit walk, and watched prac­tice. I did man­age to find the hel­met ser­vice guys and get the vents on my Hel­met fixed: yay Robert! I also took a few pic­tures (hov­er over thumb­nails for cap­tions):       […]

Walkabout day 22: it’s Miller time!

Met three of my bud­dies here in SLC, in about 15 min­utes we’re head­ed out break­fast and thence to Miller Motor­sports Park, for the US Round on the World Super­bike Race series. Pic­tures and com­men­tary for the next three days may be sparse, occur at odd times of day, and may be infused with over­flow excite­ment, […]

Walkabout day 18: family past and present, and seeing mountains again

Pick­ing up where I left off, imme­di­ate­ly after the thun­der­storm line blew through North Plat­te, there was a dra­mat­ic change. The air was 20 degrees cool­er, the humid­i­ty dropped by about 35 points, and there was this awe­some col­or and tex­ture to the sky. Tues­day dawns clear, beau­ti­ful, and actu­al­ly chilly, for the first time […]

Walkabout day 15: not so much heat, wind, and navigation…

Got up ear­ly this morn­ing, hop­ing to get a few miles under the wheels before the heat became oppres­sive. Which was suc­cess­ful. But, as Ms. Shooz so astute­ly notes, if it’s not one thing it’s anoth­er. In this case, wind: A gusty quar­ter­ing tail­wind, any­where from 15 – 50mpg, and any­where from straight over my tail­pack to […]

Back on the road, but not without bumps…

Hit the road out of Austin this morn­ing, about 7am. it was already warm and humid. Very quick­ly, I noticed some­thing odd about the bike- rather than less vibra­tion fron the front wheel, which i expect­ed from hav­ing new tires, i had more vibra­tion. i pon­dered this through the fri­day morn­ing Austin com­mute traf­fic jam, […]

A couple of days not travelling…

I spent a cou­ple of days with Matt and Jodi in Austin, hang­ing out, eat­ing, and doing main­te­nance on the bike. New tires and an oil change were on the list. Matt and Jodi have a gor­geous place SW of Austin: lots of room, a real­ly cool house, and lots of trees! wednes­day was tire […]